Raoul Wallenberg

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Wallenbergs Importance

Raoul Wallenberg was a Swedish businessman based in Budapest known for saving hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews from assassination by Nazis. Raoul offered the Jews safe houses and private passports to help the Jews escape.in January 1945, for unknown reasons, Wallenberg was held custody by soviet forces somewhere outside of Budapest and no one heard from him again. There are many stories about how he died. Soviet officials admitted that they took Raoul into custody and died of a heart attack in 1947 in a Moscow prison. Later on many sources said the he was still alive but held captive by Russians. His fate still remains a mystery.

Young Life and Schooling

Raoul Wallenberg was born on August 4, 1912, his Father died of illness before he was born. Raoul was raised by his Mother until she died when he was at the young age of six. Wallenberg was born into one of the mots famous families in Sweden. They contributed to Sweden's bankers, diplomats, and politicians for several generations. Raoul's Father, Oscar Wallenberg, was an officer in the Swedish Navy. Raoul's got his education from his Grandfather, Gustav Wallenberg, Raoul had amazing grades in Russian and drawing. In 1931 he went to the University of Michigan to study architecture. He enjoyed schooling, and in his last years he wrote a letter to his Grandfather saying,”When I now look back upon the last school year, I find I have had a completely wonderful time.” Within a short 3 and a half years Wallenburg graduated with honors and won a medal for most impressive academic record.

Fun Facts

1. Their is a "Wallenberg Medal" awarded at the University of Michigan for humanitarian efforts.

2. Wallenberg completed 9 months of military service.

3. Lived in Paris for a year.

4. In 1944, someone tried to attack wallenberg in his car but, Walleneberg was not in his car in time of attack.

5. Walleneberg became second of a total of seven people to be recognized as an honorary citizen of the United States.

6. Wallenberg got his bachelor degree of Science in Architecture in 1935 from the University of Michigan.

Video Over Raoul Wallenebrg

Below is a short film with some more great information over Raoul Walleneberg
Raoul Wallenberg - The Man Who Saved Hungary

Remembering Wallenebrg

In Jerusalem there is a memorial dedicated to over 6 million Jews that were killed during the Nazi invasion. Running through the area is a street called ‘Avenue of the Righteous’ bordered by 600 trees with engravings of names of non-Jewish individuals that risked their life to save others. One of these trees holds the name of Raoul Wallenberg. There are many statues and monuments around the globe in honor of Raoul. His legacy lives on through movies, books, music, and films.

Links for more Information

http://www.raoulwallenberg.org/raoulwallenberg_aheroforourtime.htm.html: This website is organized by "The Raoul Wallenberg Committee of the United States," who's mission is to "perpetuate the humanitarian ideals and the nonviolent courage of Raoul Wallenberg and to remind the world that the heroic actions of a single person have the power to make a difference." This website was established in May 1981, To educate the public about the heroic actions taken by Raoul Wallenebrg. Much of Raoul's recognition comes from The United States Committee. This website contains tons of information over Raoul's heroic actions and his amazing story.
http://www.raoulwallenberg.org/raoulwallenberg_aheroforourtime.htm.html: "The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation," is a great website with an amazing article over the biography of Raoul Wallenberg. This page was established in 1995 with tons of great information over the story of Raoul. Aside from Wallenberg, they also have information about other Holocaust topics if you are interested in further research.