Hero or Zero?

Andrew Jackson + Presidency = 0

The Trail of Tears

While Andrew Jackson disliked Cherokee's, he LOVED the land they lived on, because it was good for cotton, an enormous cash crop. letting greed take over, he used the army to move the Cherokee's right off their land an into reservations in Oklahoma. The path they took became known as the "Trail of Tears", and it lives up to its name. Thousands of Native Americans died during the long rigorous walk, mostly from disease.Though it is unknown exactly how many, because they didn't get to bury the bodies. All this for a small patch of land, nice going Jackson.

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The "Spoils System"

While it is true Andrew Jackson is the first president to not be of royal class, this gave him many flaws. He used the "Spoils System" a lot more then other presidents, and gave his supporters government jobs when he was building his cabnet. As a result they always agreed with him and most of the time didn't know what they were even doing! Because they were not fit for a job in the government.

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When congress passed a tariff and Jackson approved of them, it hurt the south badly due to its agricultural based economy. So much so that they chose to nullify ( refuse to follow) it. In retaliation, Jackson passed a law saying that they have to follow the tariff and they will use the army if they don't. This conflict is known as the Nullification Crisis.

South Carolina threatened to secede from the US if the tariff isn't removed, this was stated by John Calhoun. You know what Andrew Jackson did? He threatened to hang him! That isn't a very presidential approach is it?


Protest against the Trail of Tears