Erika Pimentel


It's the Vets job to take care of animals. They check animals to see if they need any medication or special treatment. They can also give the animals vaccinations. The Vet is also the one who gives animals surgery as well. It is the Vet's job to make sure that yours or anyone's animal is ok and healthy. They don't just work for house animals, their job is to also take care of the animals at the zoo or other places like that as well. They're doctors for animals. Vets risk the fact that they can get bitten or kicked by an animal because they might be afraid or panic just to take care of them.

Hours/Working Schedule

Vets work long hours. Common vets work about 50 or more hours doing their job. Some vets not only work in a clinic. They take time to go to farms and places like that as well. Vets also work outdoors in all kinds of weather, and if needed, they perform surgery on the spot even if it is not a sanitary place.


Newly graduated vets normally make about @37,700. If you are at the top ten percent vet then you can make about $106,370. The average salary is about $89,450 a year.

Working Locations/ Growth Outlook

You can find a job as a vet at places like the local clinic for animals, aquariums, boarding kennels, humane societies, rescue centers, wildlife sanctuaries, and zoo's.

The growth for vets is expected to grow faster than any other occupant. Vets who take care of smaller animals tend to grow faster than vets you care for bigger animals such as horses and cows.

Education/ School

Usually, to be a vet, you need at least 4 years of college. You need to study physics, biology, chemistry, nutrition, and animal science. Getting into a vet college is very hard because people are very competitive. If you want to be a vet, you need to work hard on those grades. After college, you have to take a test and get a license.

Colleges you can go to for becoming a Vet:

Cornell University

University of California

Colorado State

North Carolina State

Ohio State

Kansas State

University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

and so many more.

Skills Required

Becoming a vet isn't easy, obviously, but in order to become a vet, you need to be extremely patient. You also need to be good at observing because you need to see things that other people can't. You need to observe these things because you need to know what is wrong with the animal and what you can do to help it. Communication is also a big thing here. You need to let people know what is going on with their animal. Your motor skills also have to be good. You have to hold the animal and deliver is to and from their owner.