Black Duck

By Timmy, Farris, and Ritthikha

Predictions Of Black Duck


Exposition: Ruben Hart starts telling David his story (in the old days).

Textual Evidence: "I'll talk to you a bit. An old friend of mine is ill." (pg.7).

Rising Action: Ruben and his friend Jeddy find a dead body.

Textual Evidence: "It came into view with no more drama than if it had been a sodden piece of driftwood lying on the sand: a naked human leg" (pg.16)


Climax: When Ruben meets the captain of the Black Duck, Billy Brady.

Textual Evidence: "Billy Brady, is this your pup" (pg.131)?

Falling Action: Billy Brady gets shot and died.

Textual Evidence: "I looked and saw Billy go down" (pg.232).

Resolution: When Ruben tells everything to Marina. Ruben is done telling his story. David finds out Marina is Ruben's wife.

Textual Evidence: "Ruben? What is it" (pg.240)?

Textual Evidence: "If you don't know already what happened to her" said Ruben a car drove up to the drive way "She's here!" (pg.249)


Ruben Hart: An old man who tells his Mystery to to a kid in High school.

Textual Evidence: "I'll talk to you in a bit. A friend of mine is ill." ( pg.7)

David: Young kid who will grow up to be a great reporter.

Textual Evidence: "They wont hire me but the editor said if i get a good story hell print it . I want to become a reporter and- he said in one breath" (pg.5)

Jeddy McKenzie : A young kid friends with Ruben and takes in his fathers foot steps and is really loyal.

Textual Evidence: "I'd better not say it you might tell your dad" said Ruben "I wouldn't honest" said Jeddy (pg.11)

Marina : A maid and Daughter of the McKenzie's cooks and cleans takes after her mother

Textual Evidence "I'm Frying Chicken for supper" (pg. 25)

Ralph McKenzie: A police chief who is stubborn and wants his son to follow in his foot steps.

Textual Evidence: "Cant dad already sighed me up for a job he wants me to follow in his foots steps".(pg 61)

Figurative Language

In the novel Black Duck there are all type of figurative language like

Simile: "Well its blowing like murder"(pg.9)

Metaphors: "Death was more than a ready-made meal." (pg.19)

Hyperbole: "Gulls eat every thing" (pg.20)

Personification : "The beach was boiling with the activity."(pg.43)


Black Duck begins with an kid named David. He needs a good story to get in the newspaper so he goes to Ruben Hart, an old man who was said to have been in the rum running(stealing alcohol) a long time ago. David begins his regular visits with Ruben and they become great friends. Then Ruben starts his story like this.

Ruben was very good friends with Jeddy McKenzie when they were both about 14 years old. Their adventure began when they were searching for lobster pots on the beach. Instead they found something much more "exciting", a dead human body and Jeddy McKenzie's father is a police officer who is very strict on following the law and entrusted that to his son and got him a job so now Ruben could not spend that much time with Jeddy.Then later where the dead body was there was a tobacco pouch Ruben finds a half $50 dollar bill it turns out it is a ticket to get huge load of liquor, and Ruben hart had it and he kept his mouth shut. He ends up finding out that many people are looking for it people he never ever suspected to find the bill. later Ruben gets kidnapped and his whole world gets turned upside down.


In the novel there are conflict every where here are some of the conflict in the story

Conflict: Jeddy gave me a look "You saw somebody landing their goods? at night?

I shut my trap and inspected a schooner passing out to sea. I knew something

Jeddy didn't (internal conflict Ruben can tell Jeddy what he saw or don't tell him

anything at all) (pg.11)

Next thing you're going to say it was the Black Duck said Jeddy "Maybe it was" i screamed (pg.11) (This is an example of extenernal conflict).


The over all theme in the novel is never to stick your nose in a mystery and obey the law

(we got this from the book because Ruben gets caught in this whole mystery because he was curious)

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