Yellowstone Volcano


Volcano Information

I am a volcano and a national park, and I am near West Yellowstone, Montana. My exact location is 43 degrees north, 110 degrees west. My highest elevation is around 3,500 feet. And my last eruption is around 1350 B.C.

About Yellowstone Volcano

About Yellowstone Volcano

I am know mostly as a National Park but I am also a volcano. When I would erupt it would mostly cover 1/2 of the United States. The city near me is West Yellowstone, Montana and I am in a variety of states. I am very dangerous when I erupt. Remember I erupted in 1350 B.C.

About The Eruption

When I had erupted many years ago I created lots of things. I created part of the Snake River Plain and I created Island Park Caldera. A smaller eruption created Yellowstone Lake. Lastly Old Faithful is a big part of the overall volcano.
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