Tech Tip Tuesday

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As part of my programming this year, each week I want to try to pass along a "Tech Tip" for you to use in your classroom. I realize it is hard to find time to research new technology information, so I will pass along new and old tips. Hopefully, you will get something beneficial you can try that will add a little variety to your teaching. Remember, technology is just another tool to help you do what you do best - TEACH .


  • There is too much out there to try everything, so pick two or three tech ideas that suit your personality and teaching style and try them. As you tell your students, Try Something!!
  • Don't be afraid to learn from your students and let them in turn become the experts.
  • Ask for Help! Ask a neighbor, me, a student, or Google! (YouTube has a video on how to do just about anything.)


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Like a "Playstation for education", Kahoot! is a game-based classroom response system that leaves your students begging for more. Kahoot! ensures 100% engagement by turning the classroom into a gameshow, combining multiplayer game-based learning, ease-of-use and mobile technology, creating an enchanting social experience which leaves everyone totally gripped and absorbed in the subject.
Kahoot in the Classroom
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