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End of the Year Info

Online Assessment Lockdown Option for Chromebooks!

We have been testing a way to lockdown the Chromebooks, and it should be available for you to use from now on, including on final exams. It's an app called Universal Kiosk, which allows the students to enter a URL that opens with no tabs and no ability to take screenshots.

How it works:

  1. Students must restart their computer. DO NOT LOG IN.
  2. In the bottom task bar, students will see an "Apps" button. When they click it, they will see a pop-up menu that has Universal Kiosk in it.
  3. When they click on Universal Kiosk, it will open a window (see below) that allows them to enter a URL. (Ex: erase http://goo.gl/ and type shelby.schoology.com)
  4. The app will take them to that URL. They can navigate in that URL, but no new tabs are available and screenshots will not work.
  5. The top of the screen will have a red bar (see below), which is an easy way for you to glance at a screen and know if a student is using the kiosk.
  6. To leave the Universal Kiosk app, click the Exit button or restart the Chromebook.


  • If you plan on using this for final exams, please test it out with your students prior to the exam day. If a student does not have the "Apps" button or the Universal Kiosk App in their bottom task bar, please email me the student's name, grade and Chromebook tag number off the SCPS sticker on the back.
  • Now that our wifi is functioning reliably, you will want to change the Resumable setting on your Schoology quiz to No.
  • If you have a Schoology assignment/assessment that requires students to view another site (or even something else within Schoology) before responding, you cannot use the Universal Kiosk app.
  • Let me know if you need assistance putting your final in Schoology.
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Thanks to Ms. Ricke for compiling the above details! :)

End of the Year Schoology Teacher Checklist

Schoology: Archiving Courses vs. Saving Course Resources

Sometime in June/July our 2015-16 courses will be automatically archived (stored away but not deleted) to create a clean slate for our 2016-17 courses. These old courses and materials will still be available but if you plan to use any of the materials in the future, it is best to save them to your personal resources. The picture below shows you where this option is located. You will need to do this before you leave for the summer, your materials are still editable while in your resources. Please let me know if you have any questions or need assistance with this.
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Summer PLC Planning

We all know the summertime is when we do some of our finest work; morning lesson planning on the deck in our pjs or in the afternoon by the pool. WE LOVE SUMMER! :)

If you plan to collaborate with your PLC members remotely, once the materials are finalized, sharing them through a Schoology Group Resources will make it easier to import into your classes next year. For details on creating a group, adding members and resources, click the Schoology guide here.