Thomas Edison

by: Kamryn Bowles

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison was called ¨dull¨ by the teachers because of poor hearing, he had trouble in school and often did not attend. He loved everything related to science. When he was 12 he got a job working for the railroad, where he set up a new lab in empty fright car.


The word phonograph was the trade name for Edison's device, which played cylinders rather than discs. The machine had two needles: one for recording and one for playback. When you spoke into the mouthpiece, the sound vibrations of your voice would be indented onto the cylinder by the recording needle

light bulb- While most of the attention was on the discovery of the right kind of filament that would work, Edison actually had to invent a total of seven system elements that were critical to the practical application of electric lights as an alternative to the gas lights that were prevalent in that day.

motion picture and the first motion picture ever copyrighted showed his employee Fred Ott pretending to sneeze.Eastman Kodak began supplying motion picture film stock, making it possible for Edison to step up the production of new motion pictures. He built a motion picture production studio in New Jersey. The studio had a roof that could be opened to let in daylight, and the entire building was constructed so that it could be moved to stay in line with the sun.


Edison saved a child who was fallen onto the tracks of oncoming train. The child´s father father took an interesting Edison and thought him to use the telegraph.