Hornet Happenings

Quarter 1

Note from the Principal

As we approach the testing season next semester I want to remind parents of eighth graders that the students will be taking the PSAT the Tuesday after we return from Spring break. This may be helpful for those planning to travel during that time period. What makes this test particularly valuable is that it is similar in many ways to the SAT that students will take for college entrance. The College Board website allows students to view their scores and the specific questions, along with the student's answers. Further, the website will tailor an individualized program to assist the student in his or her area of weakness. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Counselor's Corner

On Thursday, November 29th we had a lesson on the dangers of vaping. This lesson occurred during AOT. It was put together by Anne McKinney and we encourage you to view and discuss with your student(s).


School Improvement

ELA Coach

Teachers are participating in the fourth year of professional development to "Promote Adolescent Reading Success" (PARS). Common instructional strategies are used to improve active engagement, reading, and writing. See some of the examples pictured below.

Accountable Talk

Teachers have been working this year to increase the amount of accountable student talk that is happening in the classroom. One of the supports teachers are implementing is the use of language frames or sentence starters. You can see examples of those in the pictures below.
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Big picture


Math teachers have been purposeful about providing students with problem solving strategies. One of the strategies they are using is CUES which is explained below.

C: Circle the question. What are you being asked to solve?

U: Underline the important information including numbers and words.

E: Explore what strategies are needed to solve the problem.

S: Solve and check. Does my answer make sense? Did I answer the question including units?

This is a strategy you could also use at home with your child if they are struggling with word problems in math. Asking students to circle the question and underline important information is helpful for it ensures they have read and often reread the problem. Students need to first think about what they need to find, and what information they have to use before they can begin to explore how the information fits together.

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Math Tutoring by WHS Mu Alpha Theta

Tutors are available to help students before school on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings from 7 to 7:45 am.

Behavior Coach

Staff at WMS promote positive behavior in the following ways:

  • Buzz Tickets: Students receive tickets when they go above and beyond what is expected of them in the areas of responsibility, respect, safety, and engagement. Each buzz ticket serves as an entry into a monthly drawing for two $25 Amazon gift cards.
  • Student of the Month: Every month, teachers nominate a few students who display stellar behavior, hard work, great improvement, kindness, etc. There is a reception for students and their families before school.
  • The following students have been nominated for Student of the Month so far this year:

6th Grade: Jackson H., Jack G., Maddie B., Adella E., Frinz F., Isabel R., Jenna K., Griffin G., Natalie L., Kyra W., Brayden C., and Thomas C.

7th Grade: Triton T., Aubrey N., Noah D., Michelle R., Carson W., Ally B., Micaela S., Matthew M., Ashlee W., Eduardo S., Seth P., Lochlan R., Ashley S., Ben G., Ava B., and Chris F.

8th Grade: Josh D., Breyer F., Nick B., Julia K., Janica S., Allyssa T., Anthony S., Alex P., Ashton P., Juliana L., Zack W., Will G., Olivia W., Natalia M., and Ashley S.

  • CHAMPS: Teachers use this classroom management tool to be explicit and proactive about positive behavior, rather than always reacting to negative behavior. Below is an example of CHAMPS in the classroom.

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Williamston Middle School Giving Project 2018

Help us collect items for our annual support of the Williamston Food Bank Holiday Outreach Program. This year, we will be collecting items in two categories: food/toiletries AND kid friendly snacks. Food items must be nonperishable. All items will be delivered to the Williamston Food Bank to be distributed to local families with children. Items can be delivered to the middle school between November 27th and December 6th. Thank you for your support!