Team 103 Super Heroes

Finding the Power Within!

Upcoming Super Hero Training Schedule

What's ahead:

Monday, December 21 Juggling Club

Tuesday, December 22 Holiday Party / Caroling 2:15 / End of grading period

Wednesday, December 23 Holiday Break begins

Tuesday, January 5 Back to School !

This Week we're learning:

Writing Workshop - This week we continue our work on opinion writing and essays. We are learning about thesis statements and backing up our opinions with reasons and evidence. What does the world need most this holiday season?

Literacy - We practiced our fluency and expression with a Reader's Theater performance on "A Visit from St. Nicholas". That was after defining some of the unusual vocabulary words and finding all of the similes in the poem. This week we'll be learning about Christmas around the world with non-fiction reading. AR goals are due Tuesday! Please make sure that your child is reading at home every night.

Mathematics - We'll be doing some holiday math activities this week that practicing our computation skills and graphing skills. We'll keep working on our multiplication facts also. Many of us are making good progress. Practice those multiplication facts every night for 5-10 minutes and you too can be a MIGHTY MULTIPLIER!

Science- We're finishing our integrated math/science project involving physical change, conservation of mass, and area. Oh, and by the's going to be a lot of fun too!

You are your child's first and greatest teacher!

Home Hero Connection

Math - Keep those facts fresh over break. Let's see if we can add to our Mighty Multiplier list that first week back!

Reading -Use the time this holiday to start a new tradition. There are lots of great holiday reads out there - read a holiday story out loud in your family. We're never too old to be read to!!! Some great suggestions are: "Twas the Night Before Christmas", "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever", and "A Christmas Carol".


AVOID BRAIN FREEZE! There is no assigned homework over the vacation. If you would like your child to keep their skills fresh, here is a site that provides a practice packet that may be completed. If your child completes the packet, they can redeem it for a homework pass and ice cream when they return. The site also provides opportunities for prizes. This is completely optional. Check it out!

Wishes for a wonderful Christmas holiday filled with family, fun, and time together. It's time to create lasting memories. Have fun and be safe. I look forward to seeing you all again in 2016!