Gamify Your Life

Using game mechaniques in Habit RPG to motivate yourself

Having a Hard time staying motivated in your classes?

With constant call of social obligations, work, and things that are in general more fun than school it can be difficult to stay motivated

Get Immediately Rewarded

The game gives you a sense of accomplishment that you might not have felt for weeks with a traditional class grade

Two Reward schedules used

Habit RPG uses two reinforcement regiments that have been found to reinforce rewarded behavior. The first is a continuous reward ratio, where for every task completed some gold is give. This gold is given value by players inputting a real world reward, like a piece of cake or an hour of playing video games, into the system that they can then buy after accumulating enough gold. The second is a variable reward ratio, where the player is rewarded items after completing a varying number of tasks. These items can be used to help players reach in game achievements and if the player does not want these achievements they can sell the items to the in-game shop for more gold.
Extra Credits: The Skinner Box
Extra Credits: Achievements