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March 3, 2017

Genius Hour

The concept of Genius Hour is to give kids time to learn new things of their own choosing. Susana and I have been doing a lot of research about this for a couple of years now, and we're excited to finally get started in X blocks next quarter. We really want to roll this out for the whole middle school next year, but are still looking at the best way to do that. Here's a great article to give you some background on the idea.

The Genius of Design

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Important Dates

March 14 - MS Concert

March 15 - End of Quarter 3

March 20 - Q3 Grades Verified, Make sure to put in Rarely, Usually, or Always for PIE

March 23 - Parent-Teacher Conferences; 12:30 dismissal, lunch provided for MS teachers

March 25 - April 2: Mid-Semester Break

April 4 - PD Meeting

April 11 - Divisional Meeting

April 14 - Good Friday (no school)

April 16 - Easter Sunrise Service, 7 AM

April 25 - Combined Staff

April 27 - MS Service Learning Day, 12:30 Dismissal, PD afternoon, JSB evening

Authentic Transformation: The Whole Gospel

So answer me this: Did the Holy Spirit come to you as a reward for keeping all the Jewish laws? No, you received him as a gift because you believed in the Messiah. Your new life in the Anointed One began with the Holy Spirit giving you new birth. Why then would you so foolishly turn from living in the Spirit to becoming slaves again to your flesh? Do you really think you can bring yourself to maturity in the Anointed One without the Holy Spirit? Galatians 3:2-3 (The Passion Translation)

A few weeks ago I shared my story about discovering that many of the Dalat seniors I’ve worked with in my Bible class were not, by their own admission, following Christ. This issue is not unique to our school. Several studies done by groups like Barna and Gallup show that roughly 50% of Christian teens lose their faith in college. What causes this? According to research done by Fuller Youth Institute, one of the common factors among students who have left their faith behind is a very works-based view of the gospel. Fuller conducted a long-term study of seniors going to college and tracked them all the way through the completion of their university years. They found that a majority of the Christian high school seniors who later abandoned their faith described their Christianity by a list of do’s and don’ts and an obligation to good works rather than by a life-changing relationship with Jesus. The researchers also noted that for these students, faith was a bit like a jacket—they’d take it off or put it on depending on the context they were in. Christianity had not gone below the surface for these students, much like what Jesus describes in his Parable of the Sower.

What are some practical steps for how we as teachers can use our influence to help our students internalize the transforming grace of God in their lives? I’ll discuss this next week! In the meantime, I’d like to challenge you to pray about how you can use the opportunities you have with students to help them understand and internalize the whole gospel.

Susan Allen

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