By Winston Yu


Hacking is when others break into your account or computer. The hacker can take full control of your computer. He or she could send you a virus, glitch or a rude message. People send you a hack by an e-mail that they programed to hack you or if you visit a website that is suppose to hack you. Hacking can also steal your money. They ask you to donate something like 1 dollar and you end up paying $1000. Scams are a type of internet hacking. Hackers can scam you by a email saying that your dad is stuck in Quebec with no money and can’t come back. Then they tell you to give him some money to help him and that money goes to the hacker. There are three types of hackers. Black hat hackers, Gray hat hackers and white hat hackers. Black hat hackers are the hackers that break into computer to steal information and money. Gray hat hackers are the ones that hack for cyber bullying. The white hat hackers are the good ones. In fact, many people have a career as a hacker. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of facebook is a hacker as well as many others. Hacking has positive and negative social impacts. It has a negative impact because it allows the hacker to steal your personal information. The positive impact is that some computer companies hire hackers to check your software flow. There many symptoms of a virus or if someone hacked into your Hacking can be purposeful or accidental. Sometimes people can even get arrested for hacking.