Treaty of Waitangi

Contrasting Perspectives By Cyrus Keane

Hone Heke

Hone Heke was a Maori chief and an important war leader of the Ngapuhi tribe. Hone was educated by missionaries and was a Christain lay preacher. He agreed to sign the Treaty of Waitangi because at the time, he preferred the British to govern to keep troublesome pakeha under control and to keep the French away. He trusted the missionaries and wanted them to continue to guide and help the Maoris. After he signed the Treaty though, he found that he disliked what was done as a result of the Treaty so he ended up fighting the British.

Te Ruki Katwiti

Te Ruki Katwiti was a well-resptect Maori chief as well from the Ngapuhi tribe. Katwiti refused to sign the Treaty on the 6th February 1840, believing that it would lead to even more loss of Maori land (which was true). However he was eventually pressured into signing it by the other Maori Chiefs. So he signed in May and right at the top, above all the other chiefs. After he signed the Treaty, he got annoyed because like Heke he did not like the results of treaty and joined the fight against the British with Heke.
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