MONDAY MEMO... Feb. 15, 2016





  • Tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 16 PD will start at 8:15. We are planning on going until around 3:30 (or so). Remember to bring: an idea or lesson your created during our January PD to explain and share with the group. Additionally, please come prepared to share how you implemented, or are or will be implementing, some of the explicit writing strategies and tools that we learned about, such as TAP, they say, I say, paragraph frames, etc. Please be prepared to share the context in which you used these strategies, why and how you chose the strategy, what happened, and what next. (Lunch will be served.)
  • Thank you for adjusting your PT Conference schedules. The parent window will be open "on-line" from the 15th of Feb. through Feb. 25th. You can then go in and call any who have not signed up and/or assign times. Reminders should be sent home Monday, Feb. 29th. (Those are available through your PT Conf. scheduler.)

SAMANTHA WALTERS: Last week Sam received recognition from the Murray School Board for being an exemplary teacher. Sam has a way of working with Kindergarten students like no other. She is extremely patient and yet has high expectations for all of her students. The last time I walked out of her room, I remember thinking, Wow, her pacing is amazing! She teaches so much in such a short time. Her instruction is fast paced, explicit, and engaging. It’s no wonder her students excel as well as they do every year.

SANDIE PECK: Sandie has such vast knowledge of teaching! She stays quiet but truly knows what she is doing. Her students and parents appreciate her more than she knows. As many of you know, it is not easy to work with two grade levels, but Sandie seems to be able to do it seamlessly. Not only is she knowledgeable, but has real wisdom in all she does. Her experiences in teaching are appreciated by all! Thank you Sandie!


  • Feb. 15 - NO SCHOOL
  • Feb. 16 - PD - 8:10 - 3:50 - Lunch will be provided.
  • Feb. 18 - Science Fair during the day - STEM night, 6:30
  • Feb. 19 - 12:30 - iSpEd Meeting

PLC/iSupport Schedule for this week:

This week your iSupport times (Thursday and Friday) will be used to review student reading profiles with Toni, Cynthia, and me. If you can find your profile groups from the 1st of the year, dust them off and bring them with you.


SAGE Writing - April 18-29 (Note: this is a change from last week.)

IREADY Diagnostics - April 4-29 (Note: this is a change from last week.)

SAGE Math/Language Arts/Science - MAY 2-20

(We will start setting up the schedule sometime in March.)

If you have anyone asking you about opting out of testing (such as SAGE) they need to complete a form provided by the state. Have them see me.

If they have previously opted out, they must still complete another form, as it is necessary for students/parents to opt out each year.