Hugo Cabrett

By: Brian Selznick

By: Adam Bartow


In this book Hugo is a young orphan who hides away in a train station in Paris, France. His father was killed in a fire and he lived with his Uncle for a while then his Uncle just

disappears and Hugo works on the clocks inside the walls of the train station.


Hugo lived with his father for along time, one night his dad was at a museum and was locked inside and the building was set on fire an his dad died. He moved in with his Uncle and was taught to work the clocks of the train station they were living in. Then one day his Uncle disappears and Hugo was stuck dodging the train inspector and working the clocks of the train station til his Uncle gets back.


I think this book is amazing!!! The pictures almost tell the whole story. Brian drew the pictures so well that I felt like I was living in the book!! I recommend this book to people who like books about old times because this book takes place in the 1920's.


I have a text to text connection because in a book a girl is on the run and doesn't have parents and is scared.

Recommendations for Brian

I recommend to Brian that he adds more details to his writing. Also he doesn't have so much fear and drama. He should also add color to his pictures.