Into To Sap

Somia Zafeer


  • They make children's kill people and shoot their enemies.
  • The violence is spread across in Africa in Rwanda and has been affecting innocent children's in physical and mental way.
  • The culture is all about violence and this impacts the children's.


  • The leaders culture teach them to fight and murder people which is inspiring children's to shoot their enemies with guns.
  • Their culture are accepting children's soldiers in the age of 12-18.
  • Leader society is about killing their enemies and this is impacting the children's these days.


  • The children are forced to think that their are powerful and strong soldiers by killing their enemies. Their mind is getting controlled by their commanders. As they are processing into becoming soldiers, they witness disturbing and scary things. The world becomes a terrifying place to live in.
  • Children soldiers have to face their fear by murdering people. Their minds change from peaceful to criminal mind. They prefer to live in a safe place but are force to live in the world of guns and deaths.
  • They believe that murdering people is the right action.


  • The leaders is commanding them to live in camps where they get tortured. They force them to think like a devil where they shoot people without no fear.
  • The kids mind are placed in a world filled with violence and abuse
  • The leader, kony is forcing children to kill innocent humans.
  • A young girl was in the camp for sex. The leader, Kony made her surfer through pain and agony, She was separated from her family and was located in this camp as a weapon for sex. She was being interview by General Rome and confess that he is the devil of her dreams.


  • Boys are command to hold riffles and to hurt people. They think that killing and hurting people is the right thing because of their leader who forced them to think. The leaders wanted to overcome their fear by shooting with a gun.
  • Children in the camp are scared and horrified the story their leader confess with them
  • One day, a army of children soldiers were outside of a school. All the children including the soldiers were the same age but different minds. The soldiers have a mask that represent them.
  • A young boy named Omar was taken to Afghanistan. He killed many people and got murder too. He was sentenced to jail for a crime he was forced to commit. He became a refugee.


  • He is the leader of LRA. He kidnapped 3000 children.
  • He turned girls into sex slave
  • He turned boys into slaves
  • He separated the children from their parents. He told the children army to shoot their family.
  • He would abuse and scared them when they were in camp.

General Rome

  • He is the UN Force Commander
  • He witness the children acting violently from the influential of their leaders.
  • He made this documentary to rescue the children from mental and physical torture.

Children Soldiers

  • Many teenagers were abducted and others volunteer to attend camps and become criminal soldiers.
  • Children would force them self to go to camp to earn money.
  • They would learn how to use dangerous weapons and guns.
  • A kid smelled cocaine and forced to kill a person. Kony put a bullet in his riffle and demanded to shoot. Once the kid shoot, he felt ashamed and regretful for his actions but later on, he was addicted for killing people.
  • The environment the children lived in caused them to become cruel and arrogant soldiers who believed that fighting is right. They became angry and excited to kill people and was common in their society.
  • The influence they received by their leaders shaped them into slave soldiers.
  • The news of Rwanda spread rapidly in the world. People called the children dangerous.