Gun Rights Debate

Protecting the rights of innocent american citizens


The NGA supports the right for all Americans (excluding: criminals) to have the right to own firearms. The right to bear and own firearms is a God-given right to almost everyone. It is a right for almost everyone to enjoy. The right to purchase and own firearms is an essential right for the safety of the public. Everyone has the right to defend themselves and others from criminals and harm. Taking ones right to bear arms without criminal reasons violates the 2nd amendment established by our founding fathers in the creating of the U.S Constitution. All innocent Americans have the right to own multiple types of firearms and purchase different types of ammo to go along with them.

My Personal View on the debate

I support restrictive gun control laws to prevent criminals from purchasing them in public forcing them to buy them from the black market. Background checks will help in the separation of innocent civilians and deranged criminals to keep the right of the 2nd amendment in the right hands. The price of ammo is burden as well as virtue, it keeps criminals from obtaining ammo for the weapons they already have but innocent people can’t buy ammo for home deference and having a good time at the range with buddies. The 2nd amendment brings people together in social events and gives strangers some common ground to start with. Innocent people have to pay the price for criminals actions with the banning of certain types of weapons and types of ammunition.


1. ammo was around $8 for 20 rifle cartridges,$ 7.60 for 50 pistol cartridges,and $6.50 for 20 shotgun shells. Nowadays its $25 for 20 rifle cartridges, $21 for 50 pistol cartridges and $18 for 20 shotgun shells.

2.Guns weren't as expensive as they are now before: a small caliber firearm was about $200- $250 and a large caliber firearm was about $300-$450.

3.Now small caliber firearms are about $350-$650 and large caliber firearms are about $500-$2000.



Ammo prices continue to rise making it hard for me to participate on the 4-H Shotgun Team since we go through almost a full case of just 12 gauge shells and about half a case of 20 gauge shells.

2. Ammunition prices have skyrocketed by 32% do to the mass shootings.

3.Gun prices have skyrocketed by 22.5% do to mass shootings.