Summer Session

Session Start-up

Welcome to Summer Session!

Welcome to World Literature Summer Session! This course has a focus of exploring various literary genres and cultures from around the world. Summer session is a fast paced session and has as its chief objective simply Keeping up! This first S'more is worth reviewing and saving as it will have important course start-up info! Here's to a successful summer session!


Shmoop will be a valuable resource in this course. I will often post Shmoop videos and suggest novel support activities. Additionally, there will be a few opportunities to improve your average through Shmoop activities. In order to take full advantage you must join the class. YOU DO NOT NEED TO WAIT FOR AN INVITATION! Simply visit to join our class. You will need:

My email address:

Class code: f44a1

S'more Updates

Look for S'more and Remind updates regularly!