The Columbian Exchange

By: Michael Robin

What is the Columbian Exchange

The Columbian Exchange is an exchange between the New and Old World.It was a trade of plants, animals, and diseases.

Why you should love the Columbian Exchange!!!

The Columbian exchange helps us by shipping onions to America from Europe, this helps us by making our food taste better. Another item shipped from Europe to America is grapes, this helps us by giving us more food to eat. Bananas were shipped from Europe to America. Bananas help us by making our shakes taste better and it is more food to eat.

Some negative affects of the Columbian Exchange is Europe brought diseases to America.This can kill us and injure us bad. Another negative effect is that they brought fungus and it can kill our food.We would have less food to eat to survive.

Europe brought more people to America and this is negative because they take up space to live and they brought more diseases.

This is why.

I think you should love the Columbian Exchange because we have more food (ex:beef) and we also have medicine for diseases. This means I like the Columbian exchange overall.