Bonny Slope Elementary

October 6, 2022

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Dates To Remember

10/7 *Jog-A-Thon-- BSCO Fundraising Event (Field)

10/12 *International Walk + Bike to School Day

10/14 NO SCHOOL - Staff Development/Work Day

10/21 Principal Chat 11:30am-12:30pm - Zoom

10/27 OHSU COVID test collection

10/28 October Birthday Lunch

10/28 *Monster Mash! *BSCO FAMILY EVENT

11/2 Conferences 4pm-8pm

11/3 Conferences 8am-8pm -NO Students


11/10 NO SCHOOL - Grading Day

11/11 NO SCHOOL - Holiday/Veterans' Day

11/17 Picture Re-Take Day

11/18 Principal Chat 11:30am-12:30pm - Zoom

11/20 OHSU COVID test collection

11/22 November Birthday Lunch

11/23-11/25 NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving/Holiday

11/28 NO SCHOOL - Staff Development Day

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We have 2 before/after School class offerings ....

Please check out Yoga and PlayFitFun fliers under Bonny Slope!

Before/After School classes



Dear Bonny Slope Families,

What an amazing fall we are having! We’ve got our students settled in with routines and expectations. We continue to learn about each other and build learning communities. Teachers are using what they have learned about students to tailor lessons to accelerate student learning.

At the same time, we are celebrating 15 years of Bonny Slope with our annual Jog-a-thon on October 7 and will have another assembly on October 21 to share our Jog-a-thon success and learn about the Kindness Concept of Caring.

On October 12, we will conduct a Lockdown Drill. We Lockdown our school when there is an internal threat. During a Lockdown Drill we practice locks, lights and out of sight. Teachers will pre-teach and debrief with students before and after I announce the drill over the loudspeaker.

Finally, October 14th is our first Staff Development Work Day (no school for kids), and teachers will be using the time to learn about updates to our Progress Reports, and work on individual and school goals for the year. We’ll also finalize our Parent Conference scheduling and send those sign ups out to families via ParentSquare. Our Conferences will be November 2 and 3, with no school on November 4 and 5.

With Joy,

Cary Meier




This week our school counselor Gillian Dyall has been presenting to 5th grade classes about their Middle School options. Beaverton School District has four option schools that each specialize in unique interests in addition to our comprehensive middle school, Tumwater. Interested families can explore the district Learning Options webpage as well as the presentation Powerpoint which includes links to short videos about each of the option schools. 5th grade families can attend an open house or contact the option school directly to find out more information. The firm deadline for applications is December 9th.

Gillian Dyall M.S.

School Counselor


Direct Line: 503 356 2047



Our first unit concept in our Kindness in the Classroom curriculum is Respect. Our classes have been busy learning about what respect is and how we show it. In kindergarten, students are learning about 3 different types of respect (themselves, others, and space). In addition they learned about how everyone has their own personal bubble and how they can show respect to others’ space bubbles. In first grade, students are learning about how to show respect to themselves and they enjoyed using modeling clay to show how they care for themselves. In addition, they are learning about working as a team and respecting the ideas of others. In second grade, students are learning about how kindness can create a ripple and each class has their own kindness pond. In third grade, students are learning about 3 levels of respect demonstrated each day at school. In fourth grade, students are learning about identity, self respect and respecting others. In fifth grade, students are learning how emotions are influenced by others and healthy ways to care for their own mental and emotional health.

Extension Ideas For Home:

-As family, discuss the definition of respect. What does it mean to treat people, places, and things with kindness?

-Talk about how you show respect in your family. How can/do you show respect to yourself, each other, and to the broader community?

-The people in your home need encouragement and kind words just as much as you. Offer 3 genuine compliments to others in your home this week!

-Catch your family members being kind and respectful. Use kindness jars to “catch” respectful actions and words of others throughout the day/week. Each family member will get their own jar labeled with their name and whenever you see a person being kind and respectful (through actions or words) place a counter in that person’s jar. At the end of the day, dump each person’s counters into the family jar. Once your family jar is full, celebrate with a family reward. *It may be helpful to first brainstorm examples that qualify as kind and respectful words and actions (giving a compliment, helping someone else, thanking them when they help you, pitching in with a chore. etc.) before beginning.



If you have been in the building recently, you may have noticed some new additions on the walls encouraging students to regulate their minds and bodies through various sensory movements. Upstairs and downstairs we have added decals for guided wall push-ups and standing yoga poses. These sensory paths are intended to create guided movement breaks for our students at times of need, so they are ready to return to class regulated and ready to learn. You may have seen similar sensory paths featured by Beaverton School District at Hazeldale Elementary last year. Be on the lookout for additional movement break paths next year as we also have floor paths to be applied this Summer when our custodians strip the wax and make our floors look new again. This will be the time to install even more guided movement supports. We greatly appreciate BSCO's support of this initiative to teach our students movement, mindfulness, and self-control in combination with explicit social emotional skills instruction. Thank you!

Jennifer Holloway, MS, NCSP


BSCO, our parent teacher organization, wants to hear from YOU! Please take just 2 minutes of your time to fill out a survey sharing your thoughts about: 1) what existing BSCO efforts you value most, and 2) new, creative suggestions for how BSCO could focus our efforts and resources in the future. We want to base our goals off your feedback and are always aiming to serve this community in a way that resonates most. Please provide your responses by October 28th.

Check out current volunteer opportunities every Tuesday in our Bobcat Volunteer Bulletin! Note: you will not receive this email if you are not a registered and approved volunteer through mIP.

To become a registered volunteer, fill out an online application to apply for a background check and upload your Covid vaccine card/exemption, as required by the Beaverton School District. All volunteer opportunities can always be found on mIP under the opportunities tab. Find documentation on the BSCO website for instructions on how to sign up for volunteer opportunities.

As always, if you have any questions about how to get involved, do not hesitate to reach out to Amanda Walker and Whitney Mattocks at



On your mark!

Our 15th annual Bonny Slope Jog-A-Thon is tomorrow! Excitement levels are high as students, faculty and our community have really stepped up their SCHOOL SPIRIT! Students have immensely enjoyed visits from Bobby the Bobcat over the last few weeks and we look forward to Bobby continuing to pump it up on the BIG day! We can’t wait to see our students take to the track and show our community that we are STRONGER TOGETHER.

Participation and fundraising efforts have really picked up and we are excited to announce that we have already raised $50k, exceeding our fundraising goal AND have achieved our event goal of 80% student body participation! WAY TO GO, Bonny Slope! Prizes will be announced and distributed in the coming weeks.

Get set!

To prepare your students for the BIG day please review these important reminders:

● Students will receive a FREE Bonny Slope t-shirt AND a custom BSE Jog-A-Thon bracelet in their class color. These will be given to the students in class on the morning of Jog-A-Thon. Students are encouraged to get creative and accessorize in their class color (i.e. class color socks, shorts, under shirt, headband, hair tie, etc.). Thank you to our sponsors Noyes Development Co. and Catalyst Financial NW for providing this year’s Jog-A-thon t-shirts!

● The weather is expected to be warm tomorrow so please provide your students with a water bottle as we will not have water stations on the field.

● Students should wear comfortable shoes for walking, jogging, or running. Students may also wear hats and sunscreen if they would like.


Families, come cheer on your students! Spectators will enter through the gate near the field and will get to participate from our designated cheering section (as shown in our event day map below). For the safety of our students and to help us manage the flow of people, we ask that you stay in the cheering section when the students head out to the field and refrain from approaching the class tents. Please arrive 5-10 minutes BEFORE the grade level start time so you don’t miss their grand entrance!

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All hands on deck!

Thank you to all those who have signed up to volunteer at this year’s Jog-A-Thon! All volunteers will enter through the front office and are required to check-in. Please arrive promptly at the time indicated through your sign up on mIP to receive instruction and to allow adequate time to prepare before student run times begin.

We only have a few more volunteer spots left - please sign-up at

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Wenesday, October 12th - International Walk + Roll to School Day

Wednesday, October 12, 2022 is Walk + Bike to School Day!

This annual event, celebrated by thousands of schools internationally, promotes walking (or biking) for several reasons:

● Increase physical activity: 10 minutes of active walking!

● Reduce traffic congestion and pollution near schools, and increase community and school area traffic safety

● Teach healthy and safe transportation skills to children

● Increase awareness of Bonny Slope's walkability

● Meet those great neighbors, make (new) friends and start walking together more!

Route Information

Meet at one the following times and locations and leave 5 minutes later:

● East Route - 7:50am - NW Harding Ct & NW Robinia Ln

● North Route - 7:50am - NW Talon Terrace & NW Blackhawk Dr

● Northeast Route - 7:50am - Bonny Slope Park on NW Thompson Rd

● South Route - 7:50am - NW Coleman Dr & NW 119th Ave

● Vintage Neighborhood - 7:50am - NW Appellate Way & NW Supreme Ct

● West Route - 8:00am - NW Big Fir Cir & NW McDaniel Rd

We arrive at about 8:15 am at Bonny Slope Track (or under covered playground for rain)

· If you live too close to join a formal route, you are still welcome to join the fun at the track at 8:15!

· If you live farther away, consider driving to one of the meeting points and joining the walkers for this special day.

We need volunteers!! Sign up as a chaperone or welcoming team volunteer on mIP.

Route maps and safety vests will be provided to chaperones.

Note: Chaperones help lead the routes but are not responsible for individual students.

If you have questions, please email

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BSCO Student Directory-Get Your Changes in Today!

It’s that time again!

Each year BSCO publishes a Student Directory to assist in connecting families and students, organizing playdates, birthday celebrations, etc. It includes class lists, student and parent contact information (names, street address, email, and phone numbers). Faculty contact information, recess and lunch schedules, and other school reminders are also included.

The student and parent contact information in the Student Directory comes from the information you most recently submitted to the Beaverton School District (BSD) in enrolling your student or in completing the annual online verification process (if your student is already enrolled). If you have indicated with the District that your address and/or phone number is unlisted, you will also be unlisted in the Student Directory. If you are unlisted with BSD, but would like to ensure that your information IS included in the Student Directory, please submit a change request HERE. This will not change your preference for being unlisted with BSD. Please submit changes no later than Tomorrow.

The directory will be available online for free downloading as a PDF in mid-October.

Questions? Contact



Meal Service

This year an application is required to qualify for free or reduced priced meals.

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