Health Summer 2016

July 2

Final Exam

Must be taken Thursday, July 14

1. Remove all distractions
2. Allow adequate time to take the final exam
3. Review missed test questions on old tests

Family Life Unit

1. If you opted out, alternate assignments have been emailed to you
2. Discussion- only need to make an original post and respond to ONE classmate for full credit
3. Family Life Project- submit once you have completed all three parts
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Skipped Assignments

There are three assignments on your course schedule that have a strike through them and say "Skip this assignment." Please note that these three assignments do NOT have to be completed and are not factored into your final average.
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1. Be sure to check the feedback on all assignments
2. Follow your course schedule closely to be sure you are submitting all assignments each day. Some days there are multiple assignments due.
3. Check your grade daily.

Handbook/Syllabus Acknowledgement Form

Be sure to sign and submit the Handbook/Syllabus Acknowledgement Form as soon as possible.
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Discussion Board Tips

1. Write an original response to the prompt in your own words.
2. Your response should be a paragraph.
3. Respond to at least two classmates.
4. Your response to classmates should be positive, no put downs.
5. Responses to classmates should be well thought out, no "I like your post", "I agree with you". Tell us why you like the post or agree with your classmate.
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Late Policy

One day late: -25%
Two days late -50%
More than two days late: assignment is a zero
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Synchronous Sessions

Our synchronous sessions will be on Mondays at 10:00 am.