The Story Of The Miami Heat

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What is Basketball its a US sport that lots of people play the objective is the make the ball into the hoop. People played Basketball to entertain themselves and to have fun doing what they love to play. Just like in football they have playoffs they have the same thing in the NBA the NBA is pro players who play for money and fame its national players basically. You can get championships in the NBA or you can get divison championships. You can get NBA records if your good. You Can Have Good Players Like

Chris Bosh,LeBron James,Shaquille O,Neal,etc.

Miami Heat

The Miami Heat is a good team in the NBA they have some loses and some wins. When LeBron James left on July 2014 the team was less successful in the seasons. Pat Riley changed the Miami Heat he was their manager he changed how the acted and their moves etc. When the Miami Heat got their first championship title they went to go to the White House. The Heat played in the Miami Arena where they won most of their games. Michael Beasley was the Heats highest draft pick in the second overall in the NBA 2008 Draft.