Kids do not need to go to school

By Brenden Hardaway


Hey kids! Would it be cool to sleep in and not worry about homework? How about no school for the rest of your life? Does that sound like the live you would like to have? If so, read on and i will give you more reasons why school should be banded.

My First Witness- Peter Gray

According to Peter Gray, psychology professor at Boston College, school is a prison that is damaning our kids. He says that kids need to play more to be happier, self reluabt and better prepard for life. Peter has written many books to back up his theory ; Free To Learn, Why unleasing the instinct to play will make our chrilden happier, just to name two. He argues that chrilden learn better in a enviroment opposites of the classroom. Are you liking the sound of this? I sure do!

Bullies no more!

Have you ever been bullied? Acording to National Bullying Prevention Center, one out of every four students are bullied. That's way too many! And ,64% of students did not report it to the office. The solution to this bullying problem is simple, GET RID OF SCHOOL!


I never thought this was coming i am so happy i dont know what to do umm lets i can play the xbox360, my bike, and even sleep in allright i like this this is sounding great i actually know what to do i could stay up all night and play viedo games and not worry about school that sounds so awesome yeah.

We dont have school 👍

We have no school today cause it,s a holiday so happy cause NO SCHOOL