Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2016

Happy and healthy new year, Team Bolinger families! I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable time over the break; I certainly enjoyed spending time with both of my daughters! I am looking forward to seeing all of my students tomorrow and hearing all about their breaks.

Here is some information as we begin the new year:

  • We are still studying energy and will be doing a research project on pros and cons of different energy sources. More info on that to follow later this week.

  • In math we are beginning our unit on fractions when we return.

  • This is an article we will be reading in class this week as we set some New Year's Reading Resolutions. It has some great reminders about why kids should be reading every day.

  • It will actually be pretty cold this week for a change, especially tomorrow, so please make sure students have appropriate clothing for recess. I try to go out whenever possible throughout the winter. I use guidelines similar to this to determine whether it is too cold.