Murcia Cuisine

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Murcia borders the Mediterranean and is mostly flat land. The Segura River is the main source of irrigation, irrigating farming plots as it runs through the center of Murcia, heading southeast from the northwest.


Murcia has very little change in climate/seasons throughout the year. High temperatures with low precipitation dries out most of the land except for the few rivers that run though the region.

Signature Foods

In Murcia cuisine, vegetables are in almost every dish as well as Paprika, capers and apricots. Two common meals are Tortilla Murciana (Potato omelette) and Michirones (Ham and chorizo stews). Often the dish represents a period of Murcia's past, for example reflecting the Castilian and Aragonese control, are roasts and stews. Also, rice dishes reflect the Moorish control and the association with Andalusia and Valencia.
Due to the fact that Murcia runs along the Mediterranean seafood such as Blufin TUna and shrimp is common. Along with seafood artichokes, fava beans, melons, peppers, tomatoes and lemons are all common foods. Rice is a typical food in Murcia. .05% of all Spanish rice actually comes from Murcia because rice there is grown for quality not quantity.