IFS Consultation Group


Online video group format.

Meeting Monthly Thursday Afternoons 2:00-3:30 Eastern

Series of four sessions:

Sept 21, Oct 19, Nov 16, Dec 14

$300 prepaid, contract required.

Approved for IFS certification & IFS recertification by CSL.

Benefits of an IFS consultation group:

  • Earn consultation hours toward certification through CSL
  • Earn IFS recertification CE hours
  • Refresh & extend your learning from IFS Level One or Two
  • Maintain Self-presence and Self-leadership through being part of an IFS community
  • Refine your mastery of the model

My approach to IFS Consultation Groups

Leading IFS consultation groups helps me to maintain an IFS community and a culture of self-leadership around me. This helps to support and restore my own self-presence as I model & teach IFS and its application to clinical situations, the group process, and our own internal systems. It is important to me to cultivate a safe and compassionate open space for all parts; our own, each other's, and our clients.

Processes you will experience in this group:

  • Dealing with our therapist parts
  • Case conceptualization within the IFS model
  • Finding the learning edges for each member with regard to mastery of IFS
  • Review and consolidation of basics
  • Learning advanced techniques
  • Integrating IFS with other approaches (I am also a Consultant/Supervisor in EMDR, Clinical Hypnosis & Sex Therapy)

What to expect:

My consultation groups start with a check-in to find out who has pertinent case material and what the issues are. The group decides on what case to start with. Consultation is provided for the individual presenting the case, including questions or discussion by other members. Led by the supervisor, the case is dealt with expediently, and then the next case is chosen. This process continues organically, until time is elapsed. It is not required that all participants present a case each time, or for the time to be divided equally to enable that. It is expected that over the course of time, participants will have equal opportunity to present their own cases, and will benefit greatly from cases presented by others.

My IFS Qualifications

  • As a Certified IFS Therapist, I am able to provide IFS consultation as required by the Center For Self-Leadership for certification.
  • Provided IFS consultation for individuals and groups since 2004.
  • Completed IFS Levels 1, 2, & 3 Training.
  • Served as a Level One Program Assistant 3 times.
  • In Central Pennsylvania, along with Lois Ehrmann, PHD, led numerous 5 hour IFS Overviews and 20 hour intensive experiential IFS Intros, as well as several IFS retreats.
  • Presented at the IFS International Conference 3 times.
  • Creator and moderator of the worldwide IFS Network discussion group via Linkedin.

My credentials:

Certified IFS Therapist - Center for Self-Leadership (CSL)

Approved Consultant & Certified in EMDR (EMDRIA)

Approved Consultant & Certified in Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH)

Certified Supervisor and Diplomate in Sex Therapy (AASECT)