The Paw Print

May 11, 2016

Summer is Almost Here!

Congratulations! We've made it through another school year! We wish you all a safe and restful summer.

Please see the information below regarding a few of the EOY information and procedures.

Cinco de Mayo in First

Clean Up Your F Drive/Outlook Mailbox and Backup Your Documents

Space on your F drive is limited so please save only critical files on your F drive. Movies, music, photos, etc. frequently take up the most space, so save them to a flash drive.

It's possible that your inbox will fill up over the summer, preventing you from sending and receiving emails. It's important to remove large and unnecessary emails.

Calendar of Events...

Thursday, May 12

*Pre-K Field Day (cont'd)

*Fourth Grade Field Trip (Ag Ext) at Brazoria County Fairgrounds

*8:00-9:30 Kinder EOY Math Test

*9:30-10:00 Kinder Olympics

*9:30-2:30 2nd Grade to Public Library

*11:30-12:30 Take Time to Read Presentation (2nd Grade Commons)

*5:30-6:30 Fluency Parent Workshop and ESL Make and Take

*Wear your faculty shirt!

Friday, May 13

*8:00-9:30 Kinder EOY Math Test

*1:30-2:00 Globe Trotters

Monday, May 16

*Life Skills Field Trip (Arnold)

*7:30-3:30 Pre-K Carnival (Stratton Playground)

*1:00-3:00 PTO Reading Counts Movie Party

Tuesday, May 17

*2:00-2:30 2nd Grade Play

*5:00-6:00 GT Extravaganza in Library

Wednesday, May 18

*9:00-9:30 2nd Grade Play

*9:30-10:30 1st Grade to Public Library

*11:00-3:00 2nd Grade to Backyard Park

*1:30-2:30 1st Grade to Public Library

*2:00-2:30 Life Skills to Sonic (Arnold)

Thursday, May 19

*8:00-2:30 4th Grade Field Trip to TMNP

*Munch and Crunch Faculty Luncheon

*3:45-4:15 Coach Joseph Baby Shower in Library

Friday, May 20

*9:00-3:00 Kinder to Backyard Park

*9:00-2:00 PTO Party-if student has earned all 4 activities (Front Pavilion)

*10:00-10:30 & 2:30-3:00 Father's Day Popcorn (Stratton)

*3:30-4:00 Life Skills to Public Library (Arnold)

First Grade to the City Hall