Differentiation Training

Classroom teachers will learn a variety of strategies to adapt instruction and assessment to meet the varying needs of learners through hands-on activities and group work. This course will include a variety of techniques to support ELL and Special Education students.

Outcomes of Differentiated Instruction (DI) Training

  • Develop deep understanding of principles and components of DI.
  • Connect brain research and mindset to DI.
  • Build a repertoire of effective DI strategies for working with all learners; particularly ELL, students with disabilities, and advanced learners.
  • Learn how to plan lessons and units for differentiated instruction.

Training Format Options

  • Full day training at North Central ESD
  • Full day regional training at location near your school
  • After school staff development in 2 hour segments

To schedule training, please contact Robin Kirkpatrick at 509.667.3642 or robink@ncesd.org