Xicotepec de Juarez

Magic Town


In the northwest of Puebla, bordering the municipalities of Huauchinango , Pahuatlán , Honey and Juan Galindo , Xicotepec community is . The name of this magical town derives from the Nahuatl and means "hill of bumblebees ."
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In the kiosk located in this beautiful garden , bands of wind are presented , especially on Sunday afternoons , to amuse tourists and locals with its entertaining melodies.

Another of the great values of this magical town in the state of Puebla, is the local parish, which is in the street Iturbide and has a gothic style that evokes the Parisian cathedral of Notre Dame.

Another must-see is the reference Xicotepec Carranza House . This museum exhibition takes that name because there was conducted the autopsy of Venustiano Carranza, after being killed in Tlaxcalantongo . The remains of this national hero were there for 3 days and in that time just Xicotepec served as the capital .


The Magic Town of Xicotepec is located in the state of Puebla , 187 kilometers from the Federal District , through Indios Verdes , Highway 130, Pyramids , Tulancingo until you reach the community that I commented .

Also should be aware that is located 220 kilometers from the city of Puebla , following Highway 119 through the following route : Santa Ana Chiautempan , Tlaxcala - Zacatlán - Tejocotal - Xicotepec

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Tuesday, March 8th, 5:15pm to Friday, June 24th, 8:45pm

Xicotepec de Juárez, Mexico

Xicotepec de Juárez, Pue.

8 days before Ash Wednesday : a typical carnival northern state of Puebla is celebrated not have a precise figure of the beginning , what we do is right that from 1950 , groups of dancers called huehues ( sage / old ) met in the four quarters of the old Xicotepec , El Rosario , Guerrero , Hidalgo and Mercy. Colored embroidered the city center , and masks danced to a trio of revelry , violin and guitar.

March-April : Spring Fair Expo : It is carried out since 1950. Accompanied by cattle exhibition , floriculture and coffee . native dances and other cultural events such as theater, music, dances and rodeos are presented .

June 24 : At this date, two Catholic celebrations one of nature are performed and the other is a ritual ised by the Indians before evangelization.


But also Xicotepec has a wealth of pre-Hispanic traditions . Nowadays , every June 24 magicians and healers gather in the village to provide cures , clean and perform ceremonial prosperity . There is a ceremonial center in Xicotepec which is the only vestige of the pre-Hispanic city that existed there . It is the aim of pilgrimage of numerous indigenous groups .