By Rupert Matthews

Did you ever think that aliens,ufos and other extra terrestrial are real?


in 1947 the first sighting of a UFO was witnessed by Kenneth Arnold a pilot for an American airline. but at that time Arnold and everyone else didn't think about aliens. after that day Arnold had went to the press and said that he saw a strange aircraft and called it a flying saucer "it was not long before people all across the USA started coming forward with their own sighting of mysterious aircraft" it was to the point that the military were fairly vague in 1947 Mr and Mrs busby were sitting on the porch with a close friend and saw a strange shape fly over them. there was another siting when 2 militay jets flew over and saw a odd shaped object hovering then taking off at high speeds out of site "the flying saucer mystery was no longer just a talking point. an air force officer was killed. it was now deadly serious"


I chose this book because I felt that it had a lot of mysteries and suspense in it. the book is very good it keeps u wondering about if aliens are real. my favorite part of the book was when the guy said he abducted and was prisoned by he aliens. i rate this book a 4/5 because it was kind of jumpy from one subject to another. i recommend this book to people that like to read about odd and strange facts.
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