All about me

By. Devan Smith

What i like

My name is Devan Smith and i am 13 years and i am in 8th grade. Some of my favorite hobbies are playing basketball, baseball, fixing/building things and hanging out with friends. I live in Marshall, Wi i have lived In Marshall for almost 11 years. Some of my favorite foods are Cereal, Pizza, cheeseburgers, and Subs.


I have One sister and one brother. I live with my mom, my brother and my sister. My sister is two years younger than me, and my brother is three years older than me.


I am really good at fixing and building bikes. I Can put a whole bike together as long as i have the parts. Building bikes kinda comes easy to me. I started building bikes when i was like 9 but i was not really good i could do all the easy stuff like tighten a change and put a chain back back and stuff like that. As i got older i learned more stuff and how to take stuff apart. By the age of 11 i was an expert at building bikes and now i still build bikes. Its kinda nice knowing how to do that because sometimes your bike will break and its easy to fix.