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Introducing: Renaissance Inventions and Inventors

Here are some Famous inventors during the renaissance.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo was working on inventing flying machines. Since he was a small child he always wondered about flying. So in 1485 Leonardo Da Vinci designed the first parachute. He invented things mostly for the war. He once designed a bridge but the government didn't think it was possible to stay standing. But in 2001 Norway built a small bridge off of his design and found out it works. He also tried to design many flying machines but they all ended up in failure.

Blaise Pascal

Blaise Pascal was the inventor of the Mechanical Calculator. He had finished only twenty of them and invented it when he was still a teenager. It took him three years and over fifty prototypes. He was also a very important mathematician and scientist.

Johannes Gutenberg

Johannes Gutenberg invented the Printing Press around 1439 and started the Printing Revolution with it. He was a blacksmith, goldsmith, printer, and publisher. The printing press used oil as ink on the paper.

here are some of the other inventions

The First Mechanical Clock

The first mechanical clock replaced the water using clocks. It was made in the early 1300's by an Italian scientist named Galileo. This was probably the most important invention in the Renaissance because we still use it today and it helps organize everyone's life.

Weighing Scales

Mechanical weighing scales were made in 1366 and were meant to improve trading and cooking as long as other stuff. Nobody knows for sure who made the device.

Golf Ball

The very first golf ball was made sometime during the 15th century. No one knows who exactly made it but it was for sure either a Scottish man or woman. The very first golf ball was wooden instead of the rubber core and plastic we have today. It is used for the sport golf, which back then was called colf.


Somewhere between 1300 and 1335 the fire lock was invented. Fire lock firearms were the very first firearms. They consisted of an iron tube loaded loaded with powder and fired by inserting a heated wire. In 1411 Matchlocks were invented. They were like fire locks but with a z-shaped piece of metal. In the early 1500's "Rifling" was invented. Rifling is the grooves inside the barrel of a gun. It improved the accuracy of all firearms. Muskets were invented during the Mid 1500's. Muskets were heavy and fired from the shoulder. Then during 1640 and 1660 the flintlock was invented.

Hoisting Gear

The hoisting gear is a device used to lift and move heavy objects. Filippo Brunelleschi invented it sometime during the Renaissance in Florence, Italy. He made the hoist so construction could be more efficient and so you could build taller.

Near-Sighted Lenses

In 1451 Nicholas of Cusa invented lenses for nearsighted people. He made it mostly for Pope Leo X.

Flush Toiets

The flushing toilet was invented by John Harington in 1596. John was an author, translator, and a courier. He called it the Ajax. The flush toilet was invented in Britain.

Refracting Telescope

The first refracting telescope was made in 1608 by Galileo. Many people innovated Galileo's telescope shortly after it was made.

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