The Arms Race

By: Josh Jones, Paulo Vasquez, and Daniel DiFrancesco


An arms race is a battle between two rival countries over the quality and the quantity of arms being made in both countries. No specifically guns, could be tanks, boats, planes, etc.

In this specific example, it is the nuclear arms race between The Soviet Union, and The United States.


What caused it was the Soviets and the Americans during the cold war were both pointing nuclear arms towards each other. So they both wanted to have the biggest, baddest and meanest nuclear weapons around. That way if either sides rockets were fired. The side with the best ones would win first, or maybe just survive long enough to see the other country die out.


During the late 1940's the United States was slow to rearm due to domestic political and economic reasons. During the mid 1960's the U.S. decided to somewhat disengage itself from the race because the Soviets had a massive peacetime military build up. The U.S reassessed its posture around 1979 and that made the Soviets nervous. This played a part in why the Soviets wanted to accept the new ideas of Mikhail Gorbachev in hopes to improve the technological level of the Soviet Society.


The arms race showed the rest of the world that the united states could keep up with any army that came up against them. We had the same technology that they had and if they launched an attack against us they would get attacked right back. If they fired their rockets we would fire right after them.