Perservance by Katelyn Atwood

Read about the famous people who have persevered.

These are only just some of the famous people who have persevered past adversities!

Winston Churchill, a man of honesty!

Winston Churchill is an influential and eloquent historical figure. He was born on November 30th, 1874. His childhood parents weren’t around much to treat him proper, so his nanny acted as his blood-birth mother.

Throughout his life he has shown courage, kindness, and leadership. For example in 1917 in Great Britain, he worked hard to improve himself diligently, by doing simple activities like painting. Since Winston Churchill was excruciatingly worried about Germany's growth. He spent about three years doing his best to strengthen Britain's navy army..However, he is best known for being the Prime Minister of Great Britain, he served as Prime Minister of Britain from 1940 to 1945 and from 1951 to 1955. Winston Churchill once said, “You cannot tell from appearances how things will go. Sometimes imagination makes things out far worse than they are; yet without imagination not much can be done..” From this quote, we know how Winston Churchill sees dangers in the world. You cannot tell how dangerous one could be, from just looking at the physical shape but the actions. This was shown when, he took on the capability as a leader,and stopped the Germans from causing trouble. Winston Churchill has been one of the most important, respected, role models in our history that we should honor greatly. He may have had ups and downs with his past, but he was able to move on from it and I think we should be able to do the same.

Jackie Robinson, the one who gave a knockout punch to racism!

The cause of the Noble Experiment was the first experience of Branch Rickey, and one of his athletes on the team. The athlete's name was Charlie, who had experienced segregation right in front of Branch Rickey. Because of having this experience, on having a athlete who wished he was black confining himself, he decided to take a plunge and started something called the Noble Experiment.

Therefore, he started a search to find the “perfect” athlete who could take all the racism given from fellow team members, or people in the crowd. One effect of this search, was that Branch Rickey found Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson was insecure, and thought nothing good was going to come out of this. Understanding the cause, Branch Rickey gave Jackie Robinson a shove doing simple things like questioning his courage as a man. Consequently, Jackie Robinson gave up, and played in a major baseball league. This led to Jackie Robinson being able, to change the way blacks were treated. The outcome was great, and the Noble Experiment was a success.

The Lady Jags, the overcomers against anxiety, stress, and so on!

The crucial difficulty starts at Carroll Academy as seen in the video “Losing to Win”. This is a school for juvenile girls, who need help. The obligation they were sent to Carroll Academy was to conquer intensities in their life; like parent abuse, drug issues, being able to trust one and another, dealing with mental disorders, and having to prevail over the frustration of losing basketball games consistently. During the stay at Carroll Academy, the solution thought of was primarily help from the coaches getting them to participate in a sport. Basketball was mainly the stress reliever for the girls, even though they were forced to take the sport. It helped them learn to motivate each other, learn the idea of teamwork, build up friends with other team members, that the coaches didn't give up on the girls, and actually feeling in the same way that the team was their own solitary. In the end, the girls actually had perseverance to win the final game of the season, even if they lost. They did a phenomenal job of handling the ball well on the court, showing qualities of teamwork, friendship, and bravery of how they improved by attending the academy.
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Leroy and Dartanyon, the people who were inseparable!

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Eleanor Roosevelt, from an shy to a well-spoken woman!