Thomas Edison!!!!!!!

The best!!!!!

Birth & family

Thomas was born February 11th 1847 in Ohio.He had 2 cats.Last but not lest he was the 7th child.Thomas mom was so true to him.

Accomplishments & leadership

Thomas Edison made the light bulb.He is the head of the Edison light company.He made the light bulb out of bamboo.He made a doll.He built a house for the community.He made the first paper move.Thomas made the electric pen in 1875.

Childhood & education

Wen Thomas Edison was at the age of 12 he lost his hearing.In school he was a poor student and the principal called him slow.And because of that his mom got mad and thin he was home schooled.Wen Edison was young he had health problems.


Thomas Edison was the leader of the Edison light company.Once he was a telegraph operator.In 1868 Thomas worked in Boston in a Western union office.And if Thomas didn't Invent the things he did we would not have those things today.