RME Babyface in SilverRME Babyface USB 2.0 High Rate Audio Silver Edition

RME Babyface USB 2.0 High Speed Audio Interface 10 in 12 out in Silver Edition. The RME's Hammerfall USB audio core from the Fireface UC inside - for a reduced latency audio interfaces, it will provide you outstanding efficiency and top sound in an ultra-portable, perfectly created and wonderfully formed enclosure.
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Who Could Buy/Benefit From This Product?

Beginner and professional musical artists, DJs, VJs, and other individuals who need a sound gadget that can provide them with high quality audio can benefit and purchase from RME Babyface USB 2.0 High Speed Audio Interface.

Item Description

RME Babyface USB 2.0 High Speed Audio Interface is a compact and nice looking audio gadget on the outdoors, however loaded with power in the within. It is equipped with the most recent 192 kHz AD/DA converters with dual microphone preamps that are reference class. It is also constructed with analog circuit design and SteadyClock system, and functions like a true RME gadget. The RME Babyface USB 2.0 likewise offers a TotalMix on steroids, new TotalMix FX, and a lot of new exciting functions. Improvements on this audio interface are the added Reverb and echo, and 3-Band Parametric EQ's. RME Babyface USB 2.0 High Rate Audio User interface can provide you will virtually every little thing you require from the box. The Babyface USB 2.0 makes use of the RME's Hammerfall USB audio core. This makes the device provide low latency audio user interfaces. The product is offered in 2 different colors; silver and blue.

Item Qualities

RME Babyface USB 2.0 High Rate Audio Blue Edition
Analog I/Os: RME Babyface USB 2.0 High Speed Audio Interface has a well balanced TRS phones output and XLR I/Os, which ensures you with impressive distortion and noise values.

Mic Preamps: The dual mic preamps of Find out more USB 2.0 High Speed Audio Interface are both digitally managed, which provide 48V phantom power that can be switched over individually.

Phones Output: It is equipped with added headphone output, which enables it to provide full sonic audio experience. The phone levels are easy to adjust and regulate, which can be done by just pushing the select button on the main volume knob.

Digital I/Os: This attribute enables Babyface to provide 10 analog, and twelve output networks.

MIDI I/O: This function makes Babyface an audio system with universal usability. With this attribute, you can do whatever you want, without restricting your audio options.

Rear Connectors: RME Babyface offers 2 optical I/Os and a 15-pin D-sub port. This provides you the chance to link this audio device to other audio system with these connectors.

RME Babyface USB 2.0 High Speed Audio Silver Edition


RME Babyface USB 2.0 High Speed Audio User interface has instrument input that you can directly plug in your guitar by switching over one of the inputs to Hi-Z input mode. With Babyface, recording audio from any instrument becomes simpler and does not require the use other hardware. This product provides perfect control of audio. This audio device has a single main volume knob, and dual buttons that serve as common desktop controls for studio recordings. This enables you to access volume controls, readjust reference volumes and recall, input gain control, input selection/switching, volume dim, and gain access to all the controls that the audio device offers.

RME Babyface USB 2.0 High Speed Audio User interface is equipped with LED bars that serve as level and gain meters. Babyface is designed with a system that is qualified of bus-powered operation.

RME Babyface USB 2.0 High Rate Audio User interface can be made use of now with iPhone and/or iPad (with the last firmware set up) for ultra movement live efficiency.


The only con of RME Babyface USB 2.0 High Speed Audio Interface is the expense. This audio device is pretty pricey, but if you take a look at the sound quality and cost ratio; you can say that the expense is reasonable. It is packed with upgrades that can satisfy the needs of professional music artists.

Client Evaluations and Scores

For heaven edition, there are 9 clients who have actually evaluated and provided ratings to RME Babyface USB 2.0. There are 7 clients who offered 5 stars, and 2 clients gave 4 stars. Click below to review the customer examines.

For the silver edition, there are 4 consumers who have actually evaluated and offered ratings to RME Babyface USB 2.0. There are 3 consumers who gave 5 stars, and 1 obvious customer devalued it to 3 stars (he never ever heard about RME and informed that another $150 sound card would do the same for him ... A comment included by a pro to his evaluation is very enjoyable to read). Click right here to review the customer assesses.


Acquisition RME Babyface USB 2.0 and get an audio system that supports 22 audio stations with multi format USB interface. This device provides you with 192 kHz sample rates within all existing I/O. In addition, it has 12 output and 10 input stations that permit you to make use of several instruments at the same time. The Babyface supports bus powered operations to boost your audio experience. In addition, RME Babyface USB 2.0 High Rate Audio Interface is readily available in 2 colors, offering you the opportunity to choose the color of the gadget the matches your personality. Everyone knows that personality is essential in playing music, and Babyface provides credit to that.