Kaylee Corbitt

GO ME!!!!!!!!!!


My name is Kaylee. I do Gymnastics and Cheer. I have two Cats and three dogs. I have 4 other members in my family. My dad is the cook of the house. My favorite subject is Math,Art and P.E.

My Favorite Things

My favorite Restront is Chipotle. My favorite Movie is Dispicable me 2. My favorite food is Crab. My favorite color is Mint green.

My Family

Friends and Pets

My Best Friend

My Bestfriend is Emma. She is Epic. She lives right next door to me. Something we like to do together is get jesse or do gymnastics. We go to the pool alot. We have a Sleepover  every weeked.

My Pets

My cats are black and white.  They love food . Their names are Jade and Neyo. Neyo is verry fat and jade is fluffy.