about Ununseptium

Ununseptium is a super heavy chemical element. It is also known as eka-astatine. It is the second heaviest metal ever made. It is a halogen. previous members commonly accept another electron to achieve a noble gas electronic configuration having eight electrons in its valence shell which is the minimum energy configurationin which the outer electrons are tightly bound

Ununseptium and the periodic tble of elements

It is in group 17. It is the 7th period. Its atomic number is 117. Ther are 117 electrons protons and neutrons. Its atomic mass is 294. It's symbol is Uus.


Ununseptium has no official uses. It is completely for research only

whereis it in nature

It is not found in nature. It is a man made element.


is a very radioactive element that has only been made in small amounts. its radioactivity causes it to be very harmful.


It was discovered in 2009 at the dubna laboratory of nuclear reactions in russia. It was discovered by a science team at the lab.
Element 117


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