Weekly Words from Wildwood #2

A glimpse into this week's happenings at your child's school

Thank you so much, Hawk family!

We are so grateful for all of our Wildwood family - comprised of Hawk student families and staff alike!

One win (almost win?!) is that drop-off and pick-up procedures are going a bit more smoothly - little by little, day by day. By 3:20 the entire school is cleared. Fifteen minutes to have 600 students to their caretakers is pretty incredible - nice job, Hawk family!

BIG thanks to :

our brave teacher, Mr. Metheny, for directing traffic right in the tricky zone!!

the Hawk families who take turns and wait patiently for those mommies and daddies who have to buckle a little one in a car seat

the teachers and staff who stand in the heat until their students are safe and sound with their families


BIG thanks to each and every single person that makes up this Wildwood family because...

TOGETHER we are navigating one of the most challenging times in the world. And, truly, there are no better people to do this TOGETHER with than YOU!

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Fridays at Wildwood are Fun!

Fun Friday on 8/20 was Wildwood Spirit Day!

Every Friday at Wildwood is FUN! School should be safe, engaging, instructional, and FUN! That's why every Monday our Hawks watch the Monday Morning Message to hear what the upcoming Friday's fun will be! Ask your child Monday after school what the fun will be! (Or you can take a glance at the Wildwood website to plan ahead even more! haha)
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In-Person Learning is Here Again!

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Kindergarten Lunchtime!

Welcome to Wildwood's new P.E. teacher, Mrs. Reynolds!

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Upper Grade Hawks Enjoying School Friendships Again!

Reviewing Expectations and Procedures with Hawks!

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Attention Families - the Hawk Staff Requests Your Assistance!

Since we have been out of physical school for so very long, the Hawk staff has seen the need to increase adult-to-student support in a few key areas in order that social time among students is physically and emotionally safe for everyone. As we review expectations and teach social skills within the context of the schoolyard, hallways, and such, it would be so wonderful if you chatted with your child about:

a) the words we use with other students during unstructured times of day, even when we are upset or disagree with them

b) the need to keep our hands and feet in our own personal space, even when we are excited or frustrated

Great news! Wildwood now has a full-time counselor who will be teaching social-emotional lessons in all classrooms! This wonderful, bright new addition to the Wildwood staff is Mrs. Isles, AKA as Mrs. I, and it is already clear that she is loved by the Hawk students and faculty!


our Hawks WILL soar on wings of character, resilience, and excellence!

News from Wildwood's Wonderful Librarian, Mrs. Curtis!

Library visits will be starting in a few weeks! Hip-hip-hooray!

Parents/Guardians - You may have received a message that your student has an overdue library book, textbook, chromebook, and/or hotspot. Please return those items at your earliest convenience to the Wildwood office. The office hours are 7:30 am - 4:00 pm. If you have any questions, you may contact Mrs. Curtis, the librarian, at (909) 790-8521, ext. 5604 between the hours of 8:15 am - 2:45 pm (M-F) or at ranelle_curtis@ycjusd.us.

Reminder: TK families will now pickup in the MPR! (:

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Save the Date - Tuesday, August 31st is Back to School Night!