By: Hamzah Nadeem (#1)

Canada, The Beautiful Country

Canada is one of the best places to live in. We have the most fresh water bodies in the world right now. We have lots of various reasons why its good and bad to live here, but what will happen in the year 2060? Will Canada become a better place? Will Canada become worse? Lets see...

Canada Demography in 2015

Canada's population at the moment is about 35.6 million. If you think Canada's population is big, you're wrong. They are not even in the top 30 with the most population. There are some states in India that have about double the population of Canada. So technically, we have a very small population. Since Canada has a small population, that means we also have a small birth rate, which is around 1.62 births per woman. We also have quite high death rate, which is about 8.31 deaths per thousand. The country with the lowest death rate is Qatar, with 1.53 deaths per thousand. The natural increase rate for Canada is about 2.41, which is also pretty bad, but not as bad as Ukraine, which has a natural increase rate, of -6.31, which means that at least our population is increasing, but Ukraine is decreasing. That means that Canada is growing at a rate of 2%. If you use the rule 70, when you divide 70 with the growth rate, and it will show how much years it will take the population. For Canada, it would take 35 years for Canada's population to double, which would be in the year 2050.
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In Canada, we get over 200,000 immigrants per year, which is really good compared to most countries, but that number is nothing compared to our population right now. People immigrate to Canada because of various reason. Some people come to Canada because they are refugees, and that they are escaping from either a war, or any political issue in another country, or region. Most people immigrate because of the education, the free health care, or many job opportunities, which pull them here. Sometimes people come to Canada if their countries lack in many reasons, like jobs, health care, etc.
Immigration to Canada: A few things that you should know!

The Aborigionals...

Right now, there is about 4% of aboriginals, which most of them are the first nations, followed by the métis, and then the Inuits. That is about 850 thousand people in Canada who are métis, first nations, and Inuits. Since majority of Aboriginals are young, that means that the population will only get bigger, because that the young people will grow up, and have kids, which will increase the population.
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2060 Predections

In the year 2060, my predictions for the birth rate will 2 births per woman, since more families are deciding to have more babies. I predict that the death rate will be about 8 deaths per thousand, because majority of Canada's population are people who are born from the baby boomer, and those aged people are about 50-60 years old. Finally, the population. I believe the population would be around 72 million, because, (like I said before) if you do the rule 70 equation, the population would double in 2050, and after ten years, i believe that population would increase by 2 million.


Canada 2060 by Hamzah.Nadeem


For sure, we actually don't know will happen in 2060. What I just said before was in my POV of what will most likely happen, and predictions of what will happen. The only way we will know what will happen in 2060, is to stay alive, until 2060 will come.