The New Toddler Montessori Class

A Mandarin & Spanish Language Immersion education

No more Waitlist!


Our Toddler Montessori classroom has expanded to two remodeled classrooms and we now have space to enroll more children. Ms. Jessica and Ms. Veronica have organized their own rooms. Please call for a tour or more information, 602-996-4990 or visit us at


Our continued vision is to give our children the most advanced educational experience possible, preparing them for their future. The Montessori method of education is focused on teaching students to think critically, and work collaboratively, the tenets of a 21st Century citizen.

Mandarin, Spanish and English are the three most spoken languages in the world and we teach these languages because we want to give our children the tools to effectively communicate with the world.

The world is changing, and if we want to give our children an advantage for their future we need to think ahead. One skill that will give them leverage in the future job market is languages. If they can read, write and speak the three most spoken languages in the world then they will have a competency that no other children possess.

Montessori Language Program (English, Mandarin, and Spanish)The Montessori Program servers toddlers starting at 18 months, and the Montessori Primary classroom starts children at 2 and half, and potty trained up to 5 years old. Both programs have a AMS Montessori trained lead teacher who instructs in both Spanish and English, and an assistant Chinese teacher who instructs in Mandarin.

Program Days: 3 half days up to 5 full days
Hours: 9 am to 3 pm
Half days Primary 9-12:30, Toddler 9-12:00


We provide a strong foundation in the world's most spoken languages while teaching the core academics, specifically in math, science, music and language arts. We teach our children to ask questions and explore. We develop our children's curiosity and allow them to learn from discovery and play.

The goals of Beibei Amigos is to provide our children with all the necessary skills to succeed in the future. We believe that we must empower students to compete globally, contribute to their communities, and be self sustainable.

Beibei Amigos Language Preschools offers:

  • Full and half Day programs, choose 2, 3, 4, or 5 days.
  • A curriculum and activities to help develop multi-lingual, confident, caring, creative children
  • A strong foundation in academics as well as social development to support success in Kindergarten and beyond
  • Scholastic activities, art, music and beginning literacy and numeracy through a combination of structured and free play
  • Preschool students learn to share, interact with others, develop reasoning skills and build self-confidence and self-esteem

Program Days: 2 half days up to 5 full days
Hours: 9 am to 4:30 pm


Our children’s brains hardwire for language at birth, so we start teaching them when they begin to walk. Our students learn Mandarin and Spanish using a thematic curriculum.
​In the Traditional toddler class the day is broken up into activities which include music and movement, circle time, free play, recess, and exercises.

Parents can choose from two half days, up to five full days. Tuition starts at $86 a week. Children typically receive full Spanish immersion or full Mandarin immersion in the morning, and the other language in the afternoon. We offer both full and half day language programs. Parents can choose from two half days up to five full days.

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