Williston Schools /November 8, 2017

A Message from the Administration

Safety Update and Construction Updates

by Greg Marino

School safety is a topic that I have written about regularly in the School Bell. It is important to keep the mindset, practices, and habits around keeping all adults and students safe at the forefront of our attention. With this in mind the Williston Schools Safety Committee has been focusing its most recent effort on preparing for a specialized drill called a relocation / reunification drill at Allen Brook School. This drill will occur sometime in the coming weeks and is an exercise that prepares us for an emergency that would require us to evacuate the school building and relocate temporarily to an alternate site. In the event of certain emergencies it may not be possible for students and staff to safely return to the school building. That would require us to remain at the relocation site and initiate a reunification plan. “Reunification” is a fancy way to say, “get all students back to their families.” We have not practiced reunification procedures in recent years so this will be our chance to increase our preparedness for a scenario in which one of our school buildings is not available for a length of time. Our Safety Committee is very fortunate to have the cooperation and assistance of the Vermont Emergency Management (VEM) agency as well as local first responders. In fact, VEM will be observing and evaluating the school on its performance during the drill. During the reunification drill, alternative dismissal procedures will be carried out from our relocation site in order to get all our students where they need to go. Bus transportation will be provided as usual. The Part2 afterschool program will take place as usual at ABS. During the drill, you will receive phone calls providing updates on the progress of the drill and providing important information. We ask that you please listen to these messages and not call the school for information.

Speaking of communication, the Safety Committee has prepared the informational letter below entitled, Parents Expectations During A School Emergency. We are providing this letter now and are asking you to become familiar with it in advance of possible emergency situations at either of the schools. If you have questions or concerns after reading the letter, please feel free to contact me directly. At WSD, we take the responsibility of ongoing improvement in this area very seriously. On behalf of the Safety Committee, I thank you for your partnership in this work.

Williston Central School Renovation

The WCS Renovation project remains on schedule. The second phase of the six-phase project was completed on time on 10/27 and the third phase began the very next Monday, 10/30/17. The transition and moving day between these two phases was an impressive sight to behold with twelve classrooms having to be moved in the course of one-half school day and the following weekend. It was an amazing team effort that resulted in a very successful transition. This next phase (2b) includes four first floor classrooms (Sterling House) and four second floor classrooms (Full House) as well as corridors and stairwells in a section of the 1966 portion of the building. The next phase (2c) will begin on Jan 22, 2018 and will involve a slightly smaller sized portion also in the 1966 section of the building. The Project Team, including Jeanne Jensen, Kevin Mara, Greg Marino, and owner’s project manager, Tom Barden, meets weekly with the teams from the construction management firm, ReArch, and Architects, TruexCullens, to carefully monitor the project. I would again like to acknowledge and thank the WCS staff and students for their flexibility, positivity, and professionalism as they have navigated the adventures and inconveniences of a whole-school renovation project.

Picture above: 7-8 students organize their new cubbies as they move into their newly renovated spaces.


We use the Connect 5 system to inform Williston families of important and time sensitive information. It has come to our attention that often times families and staff will see a call coming in from the school number and rather than listen to the message they call to ask what the message is about. This inadvertently ties up the line for families who need to call us because of the content of the message.

We ask that you make sure your mailbox can accept messages and that you listen to the message to see if it impacts you before you call school. This will allow the school line to be available to those families who truly need to contact us.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and support in this matter.

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CVSD Community Input

CVSD wants to engage with you, the community, around what you value most in your schools. Your input is important to us and will be reviewed by the CVSD board and administrators. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

If you could not attend the budget forum on November 7, please fill out the CVSD Community Input Form - We Want to Hear Your Thoughts.

We welcome your input via the form linked below until Nov. 12th:

CVSD Community Input Form

Families as Partners

October meeting minutes and upcoming news and events

Beginner Band Starts in November

Wednesday, 11/8, 6:30 pm- Ellis Music sponsored instrument pick up night. (WCS auditorium) Read more

Wild, Wild West Book Fair

It’s the Wild, Wild West Book Fair at Williston Central School. Saddle up and read!

Book Fair Schedule

Monday, November 27th 1:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Tuesday, November 28th 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Wednesday, November 29th 8:00 am – 8:00 pm [ABS classes]

Thursday, November 30th 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Friday, December 1st 8:00 am – 12:00 am

Classroom Wish List

Teachers have chosen some of their favorite titles. You may purchase a book to donate to your child’s classroom.

Online Book Fair

Shop online November 18th – December 8th. Visit: or access the link from the Williston School District website. Note: books ordered online will be delivered to the school, not a home address.

We are always in need of volunteers the week of the book fair! If you can spare an hour or two, please go to:

CVSD Board Meeting Nov. 14

Click here for the agenda for the upcoming CVSD Board Meeting

6 pm Tuesday, Nov. 14

CVUHS rm. 160

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Craft Show Thank You!

Thank you to the many people who worked a shift or assisted us behind the scenes at the Craft Show to help us raise over $8,000 to our benefit students and schools:

Nicole Ackerly, Amy Armstrong, Sam Beatson, Ashley Beauregard and our wonderful cafeteria staff, the Bus staff, Bonnie Birdsall, Karen & Nick Boutin, Paul and Mary Brodowski, our awesome building maintenance staff: Bob, Chris and Julie, Amanda Cannamela, Sandy Connolly, Erin Covey, Emily Downing Ponce, Cara Feldman-Hunt, Sheri Gates, the Imagine Program, Betsy Johnson, Jessica Lamorey, Chris, Dylan and Delainey LeBlanc, Jen Maudlin, Amanda Marvin, Nicole, Lauren and Maddie Morris, Julia, Robert and David Nesbit, Carl Peach, Amy Shea, Jill Spinelli, Alex & Matt Spitznagle, Shani Varicchione, Amy Vaughan, Scott Wagner, Courtney Wells Scruggs, Shari Westman, and to Voyager, the Library, and Mrs. Medved for the easels!

But we are NOT finished! We still have important wrap-up work to complete for this year's event. Please contact Karen or Paula today at to help us finish the remaining tasks!

Flashlight Drive for Puerto RIco at WCS

Ever since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, over 80% of public schools in Puerto Rico have been closed, and still are! Tanner Wolpert and Asa Roberts are working with former Swift student Storm Rushford and his family to send flashlights to help these schools. Our goal is to send more than 450 flashlights by Friday, November 17th. These flashlights will help a school without power by bringing enough light for students to read and write as soon as they can. The types of flashlights we are looking for are relatively cheap and light, and suitable for moving around the school. Please drop off your flashlight donations in the box outside of the front office at WCS!

ABS Walk Before School

Credit should be given to Laura Dyer and Adam Deyo for last week's ABS before school walk around the school. It was a big hit!

Is your child eligible for free school meals?

If you previously submitted an application for free/reduced school meals, but did not submit the form below, please take a moment to review the options listed and return the form to the school office, or complete this electronic form.

If you would like to apply for free school meals, click here for information for instructions and application.
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Understanding vision screening results

Last week we performed vision screening of all EEE, Kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th graders. As a reminder this year we used an amazing opportunity of photoscreening performed by the Lions Club. Starting this week, you will begin seeing referral letter in the mail if your child was found to have any vision problems. If you receive a letter, we suggest you follow up on the results with your child’s eye doctor. If you need any help arranging this or if your child doesn’t have an eye doctor, please contact the Health Office at your child’s school and we will help you out. If your child’s vision tested normal, you won’t receive any letters. If you still want a copy of the results, please contact Health Office at your child’s school.

Click here for information on how to read a referral letter.

WCS :Maria Harlow, RN & Carol Albertelli, RN 871-6170

ABS: Sylvia Love, RN 871-6248

How Does Hannaford Helps School Work?

For every 4 qualifying Hannaford Helps Schools items that a customer buys at any Hannaford, they will receive a printout for 3 school dollars at the register. This means that:

  • 4 products purchased = 3 school dollars
  • 8 products purchased = 6 school dollars
  • 12 products purchased = 9 school dollars
  • 16 products purchased = 12 school dollars

Note: All products must be purchased in a single transaction.

Customers who earn a school dollars printout at the register with their qualifying purchases will place the printout in the appropriate slot for their local school in the Hannaford Helps Schools collection tower, located at the front of the store that their school is registered with. Your school will receive a check next spring for the total number of school dollars that were inserted into your school's slot. Additionally, Hannaford will donate $1,000 to the school that earns the most school dollars at each store!

School Handbook

The school handbook has been updated for 2017-18.

Upcoming Events

Wed. Nov. 8 / CY Mentoring Kick Off Dinner / 6:30-8 pm /

Wed. Nov. 8 / Beginner Band Instrument Pick Up / 6:30-8:30 pm / WCS Auditorium

Thurs. Nov. 9 / FAPAC Meeting / 8:15- 10 am / WCS Dining Room

Fri. Nov. 10 / School Dance (gr. 6-8) / 6:30-8:30 pm / WCS

Tues. Nov. 14 / CVSD Board Mtg. / 6-8 pm / CVUHS rm. 160

First Trimester (gr. 5-8) ends Nov. 17

Thanksgiving Break - Mon. Nov. 20 through Fri. Nov. 24

Mon. Nov. 27 - Fri. Dec. 1 / Book Fair / WCS

Wed. Dec. 6 / Intergen Reading Program / 11:35 am -1:10 pm

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