DreamItAlive.com Reaches Goal

We have surpassed $25,000 contributions officially!

Focus of Our Crowdfunding Campaign

We are looking to bring a mobile app to YOU while making it easier for you to visualize your dreams on the go!

Also, we are building new features just for you, dreamer.

These include:

  • Dream Funding: What if you can receive and give money to any dream, cause, or aspiration?
  • Dream Matching: What about finding a fellow "Dreamer" who wants to achieve the same dreams and goals?
  • Karma Points: Receive good "karma" by getting involved and redeem for prizes
  • dreamWISH: Create a list of WISHES that bring your dreams ALIVE

Below we have listed the most popular "perks" of our campaign thus far:

About Us

DreamItAlive.com is a social network that inspires you to achieve your dream life using visualization tools, Dreamboards, and a community of like-minded dreamers.