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Issue 2 - Using social networks to enhance the learning experience for students and parents

Our second issue discovers ways to embrace the technological revolution that is sweeping the global classroom!

Sharing Ideas!

Edited by James Shutt Curriculum Leader for Physical Education at Fulford School in York.

Please feel free to share the articles shown from this flyer via social media sites and reprints but please do acknowledge the original author as a matter of courtesy.

22 ways to use Twitter in the classroom

Jeff Dunn looks at ways in which the social media site can be used effectively in the classroom.

Sound Advice From Ben Solly!

Using Twitter in the classroom can be quite daunting for newcomers, but Ben Solly Vice-principal at Longfield Academy puts some of those worries to bed and explains how easy it is to connect with other colleagues from around the world.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet? That is the question!

Jon Tait takes us through the benefits of using twitter with 2 of his amazingly produced infographics using Piktochart. Jon is an Assistant Head teacher at Woodham Academy and will be speaking at the Northern Rocks conference this coming June!

Embracing ICT by John Tomsett

Most of you will know the author of this next article, it is the Headteacher of Huntington School John Tomsett. His Wordpress blog deals with the question of why schools need to keep up with technological changes in order to deliver up to date education.