Fantastic Fourth Grade

Peek at the Week

Writing-We are just finishing up our first narrative essay. We have working with a peer on conferencing and editing our work and have begun writing our final draft. We will be having an author's tea on Wednesday to celebrate. If anyone would like to donate Lemonade or Popcorn to our Tea please email me and let me know what you can bring.

Reading-We have begun our unit on Nonfiction studies. We are learning about context clues and how to figure out the meaning of unknown words.

Math-We are beginning our unit on multiplication and division. We will be learning 4 strategies for multiplication and 2 for division. Be ready to learn as the students will be coming home to teach you!

Science-We are continuing our unit on forces and learning about the force of Wind, water, and ice and how they cause weathering, erosion, and deposition. They will be having a test on Friday!

Texas History-The students are learning about the explorers that came to Texas and their motivations for coming.

Red Ribbon Week

Monday - "I'm a JEAN-ius! No drugs for me!" - Students are encouraged to wear jeans and red tops to show support for Red Ribbon Week

Tuesday - "SOCK it to drugs!" - Students are encouraged to wear crazy socks

Wednesday - "TEAM up against drugs!" - Students are encouraged to wear their favorite sports shirt or a Sommer t-shirt

Thursday - "I MUSTACHE you to be drug free!" - Students are encouraged to wear a mustache or mustache clothing and accessories

Friday - "R.E.A.D. Day - Really Excited About Drug Free!" - Students are encouraged to dress as their favorite book character (students must wear a name tag or bring the book of their character. No other costumes will be allowed)

A flyer was not able to be attached to the newsletter so I will be sending it separately.

Tag Testing

Oct 29th - TAG Testing Parent Information Night from 6-7 p.m. at Patsy Sommer Cafeteria.

Please attend to find out the testing process and how you can refer your child for testing. You will NOT be receiving referral packets at this meeting. They can be downloaded from the Patsy Sommer TAG website on Nov 16th, 2015. For more information, please visit

Recycling Club

Hey Sommer Stallions,

Do you notice all of the paper and plastic bottles that end up in our school trashcans? Do you ever wish there was a better way to get more students recycling at school?

If you want to help get recycling really going at Sommer, then please join our club!!

The signup form opens on Oct. 22nd and closes on Oct. 30th! Any K-5 student can join!!

Come help make Sommer and the world a better place one recycled paper and bottle at a time.


Mrs. Caldwell

Sommer Recycle Club Form


The spelling Menu did not come today from the Print Shop like planned due to some delays so your student will only need to complete 15 points of activities this week for homework.

Upcoming Events

Friday, October 23

*Math superstars worksheet 4 due!

Monday October 26 - Friday, October 30

Red Ribbon Week

Wednesday, October 28

*Early Release

Tuesday, November 3

Picture retakes


Have you submitted your Reflections entry yet? This is your chance to showcase your talent or find a new talent by submitting an entry that relates to the theme “Let your Imagination FLY!” Students can submit entries in six categories: Visual Arts, Literature, Musical Composition, Film production, Dance Choreography and Photography. Student entry forms and guidelines can be found here. All entries can now be dropped in the Red Reflections Drop box in the hallway (across the stairs). The last date for submissions is Oct 30, 2015.

NEW this year: Household member or Student entering must be a PTA member to participate

Using a spring scale to learn about Weight and Gravity

Celebrating good lunch behavior with the Golden Plate Award!

Being Goofy during Brain Break Time!

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Marathon Kids

Here is the link to the PE teachers, including some information about Marathon Kids!


Conferences have begun! I have been sending out Conference forms a day or two before your scheduled conference. Please read over the form and come to our conference with any questions you have. Also, I am looking for some insight from you as parents into how I can best help your child!

Doctor appointments

We would appreciate it if doctor appointments could be scheduled from 12pm and later. This allows us to work with your student in content areas and not have them miss any important information. We understand this is not always possible, but appreciate your willingness to try!



Please make sure that you are checking Home Access and looking at your student's grades. It is very difficult for me to find time in the day to meet with each student and let them know what is missing and what they need to correct so I need your help to accomplish this. Please sit down with your student and show them how to log into Home Access. I have a student computer in the classroom and if they know the UN and PW they are welcome to log in and check their work throughout the week. Please make a checklist with your student showing what they need to correct and what they need to finish and turn. This will help ensure that are students are not losing points for turning in assignments past the deadline and so they can get credit for any corrections they make.

Corrections have 5 days to be completed. It is up to the student to check all returned work and look to see if there needs to be corrections and they need to correct and return to earn more points if it is below a 70.

Late work is not usually accepted after 5 schools days as we have moved onto new areas and this causes the student to become even further behind.

The last day of the 1st 9 weeks is October 23rd. Report cards will be going home around November 5th!

Thank you for your support and help to make your child successful!

Classroom Webpage

The students are presenting their character traits posters from our book School Story!