Mentee Minute

November 22, 2013 ~ Vol. 16

Turkey & Dressing, Anyone?

Since Thanksgiving is almost here, we will imagine the end of semester duties are comparable to the impending feast. In order to put that perfect feast on the table, one has to gather all of the components: verified rosters, graded finals, correct gradebooks, entered grades, and verified averages. Like a turkey, stuffing, or green bean casserole, missing components can result in a product that is not so tasty. Be sure that you are following all the directions for wrapping things up this semester.

Important Items on the Menu...

  1. Thanksgiving Holidays ~ November 25 - 29
  2. Homeschool/Private School EOCT ~ December 3
  3. GaVS Final Exams ~ Dec 4 & 5
  4. GaVS Final Exam Make Up ~ Dec 6
  5. Last Day of GaVS Courses ~ Dec 6
  6. Grades Due in Registration ~ Dec 9 (8AM)
  7. Grade Verification in Registration ~ Dec 9 & 10 (by NOON on the 10th)
  8. Grades Released to Students ~ Dec 11
  9. ePortfolio Week ~ Dec 16-19

A Recipe for Finishing the Semester

Have I...

  • Verified rosters in D2L and registration
  • Graded all work from the last benchmark
  • Put zeros in for missing work from the last benchmark
  • Called students who did not take the final exam (on Friday morning)
  • Graded all final exams
  • Ensured all zeros are entered in gradebook
  • Watched ALL of the grade reporting videos

Save the Best for Last

Every great meal ends with a delicious dessert. Join us for a special treat after final exams as the Mentoring team presents EPortfolio Week. We are offering something for everyone's palate.

EPortfolio Week Sessions

12/16 Getting Organized

12/17 Reflections and Collaborations

12/18 Data Analysis

12/19 Advanced EPortfolio

Got Grading Questions?

If you have trouble with grades...

A Special Note from the Mentoring Team

We are thankful for the opportunity to work with our new instructors this Fall. What a delightful collaboration! We wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends.

Thanksgiving Fun

You Can't Gobble Me

Meet the Chefs (Authors)

Joyce Bearden ~ GaVS 2013/2014 Teacher of the Year; GaVS 2013/2014 Mentor of the Year; GaVS Latin Instructor since 2009

Kelly Gardner ~ GaVS 2012/2013 & 2013/2014 Teacher of the Year Finalist; GaVS English Department Mentor; GaVS English Instructor since 2007