Ms. Duggan's Class Newsletter

Week 4

Nut Free Classroom

We have some learners with severe nut allergies, so our classroom is a designated nut free zone. Please limit sending any food to school that contains nuts. Thank you for helping to keep our learners safe and healthy!

Curriculum Corner

Reading: This week we worked on strategies to help us with words we do not know. We can check the picture, look at all parts of the word, and check if it makes sense. Our stamina is up to 19 minutes. We are almost ready for our Stamina Party! We have been tallying the books we have read this year and we are up to 24 books read together as a class! My favorite this week was What Do You Do With an Idea?

Writing: In Writer's Workshop we are continuing to work with a partner. We are telling small moment stories step by step. We added words to make our stories come alive.

Science: As scientists we used the scientific method to complete two experiments this week! First we predicted and then measured how many drops of water a penny could hold, and then we observed what happens when you place raisins in Sprite.

Math: We practiced counting and representing numbers with tally marks. We have also started to count items in groups of ten. Students took a baggie of items, grouped by tens, counted and finally drew a picture of what they counted. We are working hard in math!

Social Studies: We practiced good listening and presenting skills to prepare us for the All About Me presentations next week.


Please send your completed All About Me poster to school on Monday so that we can begin presentations. Please practice at home so that your child is comfortable with the information on the poster.

Our library time is Monday. Please send all books back to school.

UPcoming dates

September 21- Fall Picture Day (only send correct change!)

September 26-30- Book Fair

September 28- Grandparents Day

CISD Attendance Policy

Please take a moment to visit the Student portion of the VRE website and click on the Student Handbook.

Regarding attendance, absences and tardies:

  • 3 unexcused absences will result in a meeting with the Assistant Principal.
  • A note must be given within 3 days of an absence in order to be excused.
  • Family vacations must be pre-approved and a note must be submitted upon return to be excused.
  • Teachers will not send work home before or during a vacation. This must be completed upon return.
  • Upon the 10th consecutive day of an absence, the learner will be withdrawn.
  • After 10 cumulative absences, any other absences must have a doctors note, or it will be unexcused.
  • All absences (excused and unexcused) will affect days of attendance for the 90% rule.

Class Schedule

7:50 Morning work and Announcements

8:10 Morning meeting

8:30 Math

10:00 Science

10:30 Recess

11:00 Lunch

11:35 Handwriting

11:55 Reader's workshop

1:00 Writer's workshop

2:00 Word work

2:20 Specials

3:05 Dismissal

Specials rotate on a five day basis

Day 1 Art

Day 2 P.E.

Day 3 Music

Day 4 P.E.

Day 5 Computers

We go to the Library on Mondays at 1:00