Anchor Weekly

A newsletter for Alta Vista Staff~Week of October 22, 2018

Don't Forget! Next Week's Calendar

  • Techfast Technology Mini Conference on Saturday, October 20 at University High School at 8:30 am - 12:30 pm
  • Bears for Books (Gr 3) on Tuesday, October 23 at 9:15 am
  • Bilingual Portfolios Training on Tuesday, October 23 at 3:45 am at Admin Conference Room
  • Pack of Hope
  • HEB Anti-Bullying Program (Gr K-2) on Wednesday, October 24 at 8:30 am in Cafeteria
  • Faculty Meeting on Wednesday, October 24 **VERTICAL PLANNING-Bring your laptop**
  • Reading PLCs on Thursday, October 25
  • Bears for Books (Gr 3) on Thursday, October 25 at 10:45 am
  • Book Talk Day on Friday, October 26
  • Mayborn STEM Activity (Gr 2) on Friday, October 26 in Library
  • STAFF POTLUCK ON Friday, October 26 **SIGN UP!!**

Coming Up: Faculty Meeting for next week will be on TUESDAY, October 30. It will be a Committees Meeting.

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Blended Learning Information

BLENDED LEARNING BOOK STUDY-You will need a copy of "Blended Learning in Action: A Practical Guide Toward Sustainable Change" by Catlin Tucker. If you need a copy, email Lisa Monthie by Oct 22nd, as copies are limited. This book study will be hosted in Google Classroom (ONLINE!). We will collaborate on discussion questions, use technology tools for reflection and applying information, and share resources and implementation ideas. Book study starts November 5.


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HEB Anti-Bullying Program on Wednesday, October 24

HEB will be presenting a VERY SPECIAL Anti-Bullying Program to Grades K-2 on Wednesday, October 24 at 8:30 am in the cafeteria.

To prepare, we will be pulling up the cafeteria tables and cleaning the floors the night before.

For Wednesday morning breakfast, students will receive a cold breakfast in a bag. They will go to the following locations under the supervision of assigned aides:

Pre: Cafeteria; supervised by L. Gutierrez

Kinder: Cafeteria; supervised by Varela

1st Grade: Breeding's Classroom; supervised by B. Alvarado & Burks

2nd Grade: Noel's Classroom; supervised by C. Martinez & G. Columbus

3rd Grade: Long's Classroom; supervised by Olivarez

4th Grade: Palmer's Classroom; supervised by Ross

5th Grade: Drake's Classroom; supervised by Coach O

Hallway Supervisors: Denton, Flores, Helton, Bernal

Reading PLCs

Reading PLCs are this Thursday. Bring READING work samples and any recent reading assessment data to discuss.

Book Talk Day

We will be hosting our first Alta Vista Book Talk Day on Friday, October 26 (during enrichment time). Each class will be kicking off Book Talks by hosting a Book Talk competition in their classroom (like we did for Staff Inservice). Ms. Alvarado's Reader's Theater group will be making several videos for you to share with your class as examples. The Book Talk Champions from every class can come to the library to pick out a FREE BOOK!

We also need teachers to volunteer for Book Talks! You can still create a Book Talk and email/text it to Mrs. Helton to receive a $50 credit to Lakeshore. After that, you can do a Book Talk each month to earn free books for your classroom.

Student Examples:

From Your Captain

Paraprofessionals need to be clocking in and and out on time every day. Ms. Berryhill is having to do too many timecard corrections, which is keeping her from other important jobs.

Please be careful of the way you use the word "bullying" around school and with parents. If you have students that are engaging in behavior that you may think sounds like bullying, please report the issue to Mrs. Helton or Mrs.Logan and describe it as a situation that needs investigation. Bullying incidents must be investigated by Mrs. Helton or Mrs. Logan and the incidents have to meet several specific criteria to be determined as bullying. When we use the word "bullying" too frequently or inappropriately, then we incorrectly reinforce to students and their families that every incident of name calling, hitting, etc. is bullying. You are encouraged to rewatch your Safe Schools training about bullying as needed.

Don't forget to nominate students for GT. Forms found here:

Please make sure your technology inventory is updated HERE:

We will be using this information to make technology purchases, so if we don't have accurate information, you may miss out!

Congratulations Mrs. Picazo for being voted Alta Vista's Teacher of the Year!

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Staff Members of the Week!

Congratulations for Ms. Olivarez for being our Staff Member of the week. Thank you for your flexibility. You are always willing to help (and sub) whenever the needs arise. You are doing a great job of getting students excited about visiting the library and reading books!

Congratulations Mrs. Broughton for being our Teacher of the Week. You planned a great musical performance for our upper grades, and you work hard to keep our students engaged and excited about learning. You are amazing for sponsoring TWO choir groups this year.

Conscious Discipline

Our commitment for this week is: I will be helpful in the cafeteria by cleaning up my mess.

CONTINUE TO REINFORCE THIS COMMITMENT! We are having ongoing issues with messes in the cafeteria.


Thank you to the following staff for sponsoring UIL: Mrs. Helton, Mrs. Logan, Mrs. Alvarado, Mrs. Haskett, Mrs. Barnard, Ms. Britt, Mrs. Broughton, Mrs. Foreman!

We still need a few more sponsors for the following teams:

  • Chess (Gr 2)
  • Maps, Charts, Graphs (Gr 5)
  • Dictionary Skills (Gr 5)
  • Social Studies (Gr 5)
  • Number Sense (Gr 4-5)

We already have a LONG list of interested students...we just need sponsors. Email Mrs. Helton if you are interested!

RtI & Branching Minds

Make sure you are completing your To-Do's in Branching Minds each Friday. If you need help, see Mrs. Helton.

Each grade level will meet with Mrs. Helton on Monday, November 12 to review RtI data for the 2nd six weeks and print the parent information letter and student progress letter to go home with report cards. If you haven't completed your To-Do's that Friday, then we will be sending home inaccurate information to parents about student progress.


Your Targeted Skill Profile (Part 3 & 4) are due on November 16. You can use the attached form below to electronically track student growth for SLO (or use the paper version we gave you in the meeting). Whatever you decide, DON'T LOSE IT! You will need this information for your summative conference at the end of the year.

House Parties

Here is the information about House Parties, including who is on each team and how we will award points.


Anyone can award points for good behavior or other behaviors that you feel are deserving. The points form can be found here:

We will be awarding points on a consistent basis for:

  • Six Weeks Perfect Attendance-1 point for every student with perfect attendance for reporting period

  • Weekly Perfect Attendance-10 points for every class with perfect attendance for week

  • Anchored in Excellence-1 point for each person that receives a note (up to 150 per House per six weeks)

  • Cafeteria Behavior: Rate classes weekly (1st-20; 2nd-15; 3rd-10; 4th-5)

  • Specials Behavior: Rate classes weekly (1st-20; 2nd-15; 3rd-10; 4th-5)

  • Staff Activities (Limit of 2 per semester)-Up to 50 points per activity

  • Academic Achievement-Decided by grade level

  • Character Traits-Awarded by Maynard depending on activity

  • Makerspace-10 points for using Makerspace cart each month

  • Social Media Postings-1 point per post (email Koenig # of posts each six weeks)

  • Special challenges-Designated by Logan/Helton

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