Emperor Penguins

By Charli

Emperor Penguins

This week our theme is Emperor Penguins.

Emperor Penguins have a black back and head with a white tummy. These creatures have a yellowy orange neck, they also have big feet with big claws. Emperor Penguins have a big beak with a pink tongue. The babies are mostly a silvery grey colour with a little bit of black around their head.

Did you know that whilst the baby penguin is in the egg the mother has to go and hunt for food so the father has to look after the baby penguin. Sometimes the mother could take at least 2 months just to find food which leaves the father to join a group with the other men to keep warm. During this time if the baby is not warm enough inside the egg they can die. When the mother comes back with the food the baby is already hatched and the babies squawk.

Emperor Penguins live on the coldest continent on earth with an average temperature of -58c. In Antarctica the sun sets really early and leaves a beatiful sunset for the penguins. Did you now that the ice starts melting in september and melts all summer. When the ice starts to melt it is the last time the baby penguins see their own parents.

Here are some facts i now about Emperor Penguins:

* Thier land predators are big birds and for the babies snakes and lizards may also harm them.

* Their water predators are the leopard seal, sharks and the killer whale.

*If the mother does not return to the nest after a while the father will be foced to abndon the baby to find himself food